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A Champion Within Oneself

Nick is very quiet and Nancy asks him why he looks so nervous. He just jokes that he's waiting for it. Nancy says that she may have called him vanilla before, but now she thinks he has added chocolate chips. Apparently, Paula Abdul is writing Nancy's dialogue. She still wants more, but she thinks that he has come a long way. Vincent asks Nick to scream, which he does, loudly. Vincent says that he thinks that Nick's body is waiting to do that, and I think he may have a point. He hopes that Nick will discover what his block is during this process. Nick looks a little annoyed by the note. The dancers stand there while the judges deliberate.

Jacques' favorites were Cody and Miguel. Vincent feels like Cody showed his tricks in an organic way. Nancy likes his lines. Vincent says that Miguel dances with his heart on his sleeve. Jacques says that Miguel has nice technique and he points out that he brought a piece of paper with all of the choreography written on it. Vincent also likes Nick and Mochi. He thinks that Janelle and Michael were the bottom two. Janelle started strong and got weaker. Nancy feels like Janelle was like a cheerleader. Ouch. Vincent feels that Michael has a narrow skill set. Jacques says that in rehearsal, he couldn't hold onto anything. Nancy would be happy getting rid of either Janelle or Michael.

Nomi says that after this challenge there will be no immunity. Jacques announces that Cody is the winner! Miguel gives him a hug. Winner of the challenge -- no immunity. Cody goes backstage and Jerry is waiting there. Jerry says, "I guessed it." Miguel, Nick, and Mochi are safe. They go backstage. Janelle and Michael hold hands. Vincent says that they can't tell if Michael can hack it with the new genres of dance that they are exploring. Nancy tells Janelle that she made her routine look harder than it was. Nomi tells Janelle that she She hugs Michael. Miguel -- for real -- cheers backstage. Michael does a little weird bow and walks offstage as the judges thank him. That seems a little rude, but I really can't blame him. It sucks to lose.

Backstage, Mochi hugs Michael. He interviews that he was surprised to have gotten eliminated. Miguel, however, knew that it was time for Michael to go, even though he was proud of how their group came together for the challenge. Michael's last dance is interesting. It's hip-hop. Maybe he's not supposed to have great posture, but you can always see the posture beneath the pose. I think that's what has been so frustrating about watching him. He has all of the parts, he just doesn't know how to use them. He says that other than not winning, he has no regrets. He says the he will "walk away a champion within myself." Wow. I'm totally stealing that line!

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