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Michael asks for a note, because no one has spoken to him. Jamie says that he's good, but they need him to be great. He nods and says "thank you" like 7 or 8 times. Oversincere, people. It's a sickness. Mel B tells James that his free-style was amazing. Jamie liked it too. Nomi asks them to sit tight. The judges deliberate. Everyone says that Janelle and James were the big. They have the most charisma. Nancy thinks that James could sell her a sneaker full of poop. It actually seems like our girl Nomi is doing a fairly good job of running this deliberation.

Jamie announces that Janelle and James are the two strongest from the group. And, Janelle is the winner of immunity for the next challenge. She was excited to win in front of Mel B.

Here comes the Loser Squad. Nomi tells them to step it up. Cody interviews that this group is like being chased by a bear-- you don't have to win, you just don't want to be last. They begin their routine in darkness. It starts with Nick playing some invisible "Spice Up Your Life" bongos, while Cody does that roundhouse kick after springing off of Nick's back. Nick is really good -- it's weird, because you'd think he was some sort of hip-hop dancer, but he's clearly got more skills than just that. There's a lot of synchronized movement with all of the dancers, and Adriana looks a little bit off, not to mention her gallons of hair are flying everywhere. When they get to the free-style, Oscar does like 7 pique turns that are so fast they look ungraceful and weird. Adriana is wearing the ugliest outfit that makes her look super flat-chested with bad posture. Nick's free-style is a hybrid of several dance styles and is very cool. Tovah is a GORGEOUS dancer. Her free-style is not that imaginative, but her turns are so graceful and her arms are lovely and it looks like her toes could just bounce her off of the planet if she wanted. Cody, who I must say only gets dreamier as this show plays on (sorry, let me man up), gives a very athletic free-style that hints that he might be able to break dance a little.

After the performance, I think the judges might be more enthusiastic about this group. Jamie says "Wow." What they showed him just now, they did not show the night before. He says, "When you are asked to dance, you must always perform." Jamie says that Cody is a star. Mel B agrees -- she thinks his extension was amazing. She wants him on tour with her. We all do. Nomi says that her eyes were drawn to Nick. Mel B laughs and says, "Cause he's your type!" Nancy liked him too. Vincent points out that Adriana missed a lot of steps, plus she let him know that she had missed them with her demeanor and with the fact that Vincent has eyes. Mel B thinks that Adriana looked uptight. She replies that sometimes, in performance, she can tense up. Vincent thought that Oscar was boring -- the other two guys were "strong." Jamie says that Tovah needs to step it up. She should dance too. Vincent thought that her free-style was boring. I have to say that I disagree because I think she's so lovely, but that's me. She says that hip-hop is not her strong suit, and Mel B is like, "But you're black!" Whatever -- I think Tovah is a fucking KNOCKOUT. She's just beautiful. Nomi asks her if she wants this and, with tears in her eyes, she says she really does. It's time to step it up, Tovah.

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Step It Up & Dance




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