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The judges deliberate. Vincent says that he would have chosen Nick or Cody as his favorite dancer if they had been in the winner's group. Nancy says that she wouldn't be upset to see Tovah, Adriana, or Oscar go. They didn't feel anything from Oscar and they thought Adriana wasn't as capable as the other dancers. Mel B didn't like Tovah's connections. Jamie reminds everyone that they are looking for the "complete package." They've made their decision.

Cody and Nick are safe. They are free to join the others backstage. Jamie tells Oscar that he's not feeling any star quality from him. Vincent tells Adriana that she's not the best all-around dancer. Nancy needs "fire" from Tovah.

Oscar is safe. He drops to his knees and says, "You guys!" Vincent says, "You gotta step it up, boy." More saying "step it up" please. I love it. After Oscar is backstage, Nomi zeroes in on Adriana, who has finally decided to tie her hair back, and says, "Adriana, the show's over. It's time for your last dance." I love that send off. Best in the biz. Tovah puts her hand on Adriana's back as they leave the stage.

As Adriana makes her way into the studio, she interviews that she doesn't think anyone could be more disappointed than she is. She learned a lot from her peers. She says that this won't be last of her. "I will be DAHNssssing." Her last dance is weird contemporary stuff that she unfortunately doesn't really pull off. When she's done, she takes her bag and leaves.

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Step It Up & Dance




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