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As Miguel is exiting his cab, he is greeted by Janelle Ginestra who is 18 and from Modesto, California. They shake hands, then hug, then walk hand in hand into the studio. Janelle says that she put up a mirror in her garage at home and would practice 7 hours a day. Damn. Her specialty is hip-hop. We see an audition tape of her in her garage and she is crazy. It looks like she's a krunker and she was doing back flips. It looks insane. She says that she is excited and nervous but ready to compete.

Another cab arrives outside and another person is waiting on the curb to greet it. Amazing the way that totally doesn't seem spontaneous, huh? It's two guys and they immediately embrace. The guy waiting at the curb is James Alsop and he is 23 and from Charlotte, North Carolina. He interviews that he is "23 years young and beautiful." Funny? Perhaps. Or, he might be fighting with Miguel over that record. He might just be funny though. He thinks this will be a wild ride.

James and the other guy go into the studio. Another guy arrives shortly thereafter and is greeted by Janelle. He interviews that his name is Oscar Campisi from Bologna, Italy. He says that he is 31 and rolls his eyes afterwards. It's kind of brilliant. Can't say I haven't felt that way before. Not brilliant, but eye-rolley about my age. He lives in New York now, but he still has an accent and James loves it and throws his arms around Oscar.

Next to arrive is Nicole Berrong, who is 29 and from Chicago. She's a go-go dancer (she up-talks her title -- is she embarrassed?) and we see video proof. She interviews that people are "confused" about go-go dancing. They think that go-go dancing is stripping. But they are wrong. You see, strippers take their clothes off for money. Go-go dancers only take most of their clothes off for money. And they have boots named after them, while strippers have high heels named after them. It must be so annoying to have people get that wrong. Nicole picks up a handful of her hair in a sexy way (with all of her clothes on, it's really hard to tell if she's a go-go dancer or a stripper, she should give people a break) and suggests that they start dancing.

Oscar obliges and goes to the barre and lifts his leg into a standing split. Right now, in my mind's eye, I'm seeing an amazing image of all of these people living together. Hope with me right now, people, that every domestic dispute that occurs (someone eats someone's cereal, someone doesn't do their dishes, etc.) will be resolved with a dance-off. We will all be very happy.

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