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Jessica is putting on her make-up next to Adriana and tells her that she is nervous. Adriana is too. She interviews that she dances for a contemporary jazz troupe based out of New York. People think she's loud, but she's all "take it or leave it." I'll take that under advisement.

As they are heading out the door, Miguel says he doesn't care where they go, he just wants to have a few drinks. They end up at the barely quarter filled Boulevard 3. Jerry and Nomi are on grooving on the dance floor. Again, Miguel is very excited about free alcohol. He decides to "go for the gold." I guess he means margaritas. It suits him because they show him doing his thing on the dance floor and it's kind of amazing. Then, everybody gets in on the act and starts free-styling. Miguel feels like Jessica was "all over the map" and that Cody's freestyle was "such a cliché white guy groove." He says he found it amusing, but he's not laughing.

Michael Silas tells us that his specialty is hip-hop and he has toured with Mary J. Blige, Kelly Rowland, and Beyonce. Damn! He says he takes his craft seriously, but I thought he said he took "this crap" very seriously and, for a moment, Michael Silas was really awesome. He says that he feels like Miguel and Janelle are his biggest threats.

Tovah Collins is 21 and from Chicago. She is a ballet dancer and has been training since she was 5. She's shy and dancing allowed her to express herself. We see Miguel finishing another glass of hooch.

Then, I hallucinate or something, because I could swear that Nicole starts go-go dancing on the stage and Oscar approaches her shirtless. Uh-oh, Nick confirms that it really happened. He fake humps her and it's nasty. Adriana says that it's not "classy," which is funny coming from someone with the voice of a truck driver. Jerry and Nomi observe the weird humping and Jerry's all "Whoa!" I think it was a whoa of admiration though. In an interview, Oscar admits to taking his shirt off because "Europeans are more free mind [sic]."

Suddenly, at the DJ booth, Nomi cuts the music. She dismisses the extras and the 8 people who were there as filler leave. She tells the dancers that the competition has already begun and, while they were cutting a rug, the first of the guest judges was observing them. It's Jamie King who is apparently stealing Mia Michaels' Celine Dion tour. He has also worked with the Spice Girls and Madonna. Oscar admits that he's a little embarrassed now about the whole shirtless thing. Nomi gives a brief bio of Jamie to the dancers and, if I'm correct, it sounds like she affects a little bit of a Latin accent. Weird. She leaves the dancers with a very alert Jamie as well as Jerry. She tells them that she will leave them on the main stage.

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Step It Up & Dance




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