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Jamie says that he saw some great dance styles when he was watching, but he wants to see more. Jerry says that they are going to split the group into three groups of four. Then, they're going to dance to a beat until the music changes, at which point they will have to change styles. The first group is Janelle, Tovah, Oscar, and Mochi. It's disco music. They all seem like fine dancers, but the desperation on the floor is a little embarrassing. The music changes to hip-hop and Janelle really takes the floor. Then, it changes to a weird rock/'60s beach guitar mix and everybody just kind of go-go thrashes. Afterwards, Jamie asks Mochi and Janelle to sit on one sofa and Oscar and Tovah to sit on another.

Next up, Michael, Jessica, Nick, and Adriana start dancing to a Latin beat. Michael really seems to get it. Jessica is wearing a fedora and just sort of high kicking everywhere. She interviews that she had no idea what to do with the direction "different styles." Jesus, this girl is going to be invaluable, and I really mean that. The next style is a some hillbilly number. Everyone but Michael just sort of slaps their legs. Jamie sends Michael and Adriana to the Janelle couch and Nick and Jessica to the Oscar couch. Jessica says that she knows who stood out to her and...she wasn't on their couch. She's a little nervous.

The last group is Miguel, Cody, James, and Nicole. Their first beat is some sort of drum corps piece. Miguel kills it. He says that he loves Jamie King and has always wanted to work with him. He says he has been waiting for this moment his whole life. Their next song is a rock piece, then they get another-- a hip-hop beat. Nicole says that, as the evening rolls on, she has been noticing an intensifying throbbing pain in her leg. Afterwards, Jamie sends James and Miguel to the Janelle couch.

Jamie asks Jessica (and he makes a request for no hat this time) and Adriana to dance for him once more. Jessica has it together a little more this time. Her dancing is sexy and she's a long and lithe girl. Adriana thrashes about and it's sort of desperate and terrifying. Afterwards, Jamie switches their couch assignments. Adriana interviews that she knew this couldn't be good.

Jerry brings out the two groups. He explains that the two groups are divided by the winners and the elimination group. The winners can't be eliminated from this challenge and one of them will win immunity for the next challenge. One of the people from the elimination group will be going home. The Oscar couch is the elimination group. Adriana says she doesn't want to be eliminated. Nick says that he has not gone all that way to get eliminated for the first challenge. Hell no.

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Step It Up & Dance




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