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Nick tells the new group that they are going to be learning an entirely different routine from the other group. They start with Nick in the center. They ask if anyone can tumble and Cody demonstrates this really awesome roundhouse kick. They like it-- they're going to use it. Cody interviews that he really wants to impress Jamie King. Nick looks great too. He says that the choreography is very fast and, though RJ and Nick tell them to take their time, there is no time. Adriana struggles with some of the steps and RJ looks absolutely disgusted. He's even more disgusted by Oscar. But in this really passive-aggressive way that scares me. Oscar interviews that the choreographers didn't like him because he's from a ballet background and they want "break it down -- ding, ding, ding." That was really great.

Nicole can't keep up with anything. I guess her leg is broken or something. Afterwards, Jerry asks her what she wants to do and she says she wants to dance. Duh. He's asking what she wants to do about her leg. She cries in an interview and says that she really hasn't gotten injured much in her career. She's going to go to the hospital.

With 45 minutes before the final performance, Nick says that they still haven't seen Nicole and they don't know if she's going to able to perform or not. He mentions that a lot of dancers perform when they are injured, so she might be able to participate. Tovah says that Nicole's absence creates a troublesome hole in the choreography. Jerry comes in to tell the group that Nicole is on her way to the hospital and Cody rolls his eyes. James says that he has known people who have danced on broken toes. Wow, not a lot of sympathy from those two.

Jerry takes the dancers to the main stage and leaves them with Jamie, RJ, and Nick. Jamie announces that, at the end of their routines, they'll have 2 8-counts to do whatever they want to do. Miguel hates the idea. Jamie tells everyone that performance is key. They need to be able to sell themselves to the nosebleed seats. Jamie leaves and RJ and Nick work everyone's free-styling into the routines.

Nicole returns from the hospital with 15 minutes remaining before the show. She says she was told that her tendon is torn. She tells Jerry that she doesn't think that she should dance. He wishes her luck, then he's out of there. She wishes all of the dancers luck. Tovah says that she thinks it's wise for Nicole to bow out, because you can tell yourself that you're okay to continue and actually do permanent damage to yourself. As she leaves, she says that this isn't fair. Uh, yeah, it's not fair to us viewers who were hoping to see people kicked off instead of just dropping out.

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Step It Up & Dance




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