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The dancers will have an hour and fifteen minutes to learn a salsa, and Vai will be the extra lady. Jordi is going to keep mixing people up so they don't get too comfortable with one partner. Janelle reminds us that she doesn't have any partner skills. Oh, we remember, Janelle. In fact, we were trying to forget. She thinks that someone wants her to go home. Hmm, now that you mention it . . .

Jordi, who is lithe and lean in his tank top, tells the dancers that salsa is like a game of cat and mouse. It's passionate and hot (also like cats and mice?). Nick says that he's worried because the judges are always telling him to show more passion. Miguel interviews that Cody is his biggest competition because he's won two challenges in a row, but he will not win the next one, so help him God. Miguel is like a bitchy Teddy Ruxpin. You just start that shit up and it gives you exactly what you expect.

Once the rehearsal is underway, Mochi says that her injured knee seems to be holding up and she doesn't think she is going to have a problem. Jordi demonstrates a lift where he picks up the girl and then sort of drops her nearly to the floor. It's helpful at this moment to be small if you're a girl. Janelle's mouth drops open. She's worried. She says she's really stressed. I feel kind of bad for her, because she's certainly not a cow or anything. At one point, Miguel punches her in the nose. That'll show her. Oh, apparently it was an accident. Mochi says she's "loving the flavor." She's ready to shine. She looks really good too. Jordi compliments her for adding a clap to the end of a step he taught-- it's adding her own twist. Jordi interviews that he's looking for the dancers to bring the story together with their acting and musicality. The story of salsa. I cat, you mouse. Miguel says that the Latin flavor is in his blood, and the other male dancers just don't have it.

The rehearsal is over and it's time for the dancers to perform the combination they just learned for their audition. One of the ladies will perform twice, but she will only be judged on her first performance. Janelle says that she's looking to show that she has improved in coupling.

Jordi calls Cody and Mochi to go first, but Mochi tells Cody that she's blanking on the combination. Jesus, that's a nightmare. She tries to lock it in, but Jordi tells them that when someone tells them to go, they have to go. So, they go. Mochi immediately fucks it up. Jerry stops the music. Mochi asks a question about the choreography and Jordi says "yes." Then Cody asks something and he tells him, "We cannot answer any questions." But-! No. So, they start again. It's a disaster. Mochi just can't remember. She is one of the oldest dancers here and they say that the memory is the first thing to go. Janelle looks pleased as punch. Eventually, the music stops because these two just can't do it. Jordi says that he understands what they're going through, but they can't stop. They were great before, but he has to judge them on this performance. Not good. Vai tells Mochi that this is a partner dance and she should rely on Cody because he is a good leader. Cody interviews that he felt bad for Mochi, but he was also worried that this would hurt them. They go for a third time and, though Mochi clearly forgets some stuff, she lets Cody lead a little more. He interviews that sometimes you can save a partner in a dance. He wanted to do everything he could to help her through this. Seriously, how great is Cody? I want to smear him on my toast and have him at tea. Except that I don't really have tea. Miguel interviews that it's "great" that Mochi is having problems. He's sorry it's happening, but "this is a competition." I don't think the fates would allow someone to win just because someone else made a mistake, right? My point is Miguel really should start thinking about himself and not everybody else. Afterwards, Mochi says that she was so disappointed in being "brain-fried." She apologizes to Cody, who tells her it's fine.

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