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Next up are Janelle and Miguel. Miguel interviews that the chemistry between them is really great and sensual, but I don't see it. Throughout the combination, it looks like Miguel is really worried about their private parts coming too close to each other. There's this huge space between them at the bottom of their torsos and it's really bad. It screws with Miguel's center of gravity and it doesn't really look like he's leading the dance, or even that he's dancing with a partner.

Nick and Mochi are going together now, but Mochi won't be judged on this performance. Jordi tells her to relax and give all of her energy to Nick. She strokes his face in the cutest way ever, as if she's transferring energy. Nick interviews that if he messes up, he's going to blame it on Mochi. Something tells me he's kidding, but there's no context. If that's really the way he feels, that's stupid. It's Step It Up and Dance not Step It Up and Blame. For real. Dance the shit. And while you're at it, shave. Nick says that he's trying to show passion, but he can't pull huge facial expressions because it goes against his education, which is to dance "like a man." Where did they find this guy? Does he not have any imagination? Has he ever watched Latin dancing? Even once? It's not a particularly feminine dance style. It's like he's always trying to find an outside force that's keeping him from being successful. Poo on Nick. They seem to pull the dance off pretty well.

The dancers are informed that they are not going to be placed into winning and losing groups. However, Jordi will rank them. He asks who everyone thinks did the worst. Mochi raises her hand. He tells her that she was the best throughout the whole process, but the audition is the moment of truth. Her audition was "the definition of tragedy. Tragedy is a reversal of fortune. [She] went from the top of the list to the bottom of the list." Heavy. Nick is fourth, because dude is not passionate. He interviews that this repeated criticism is breaking him down. Maybe he'll cry and it will be perceived as passion. Janelle is third -- Jordi thinks she needs to contain her energy and be more centered.

So, that leaves Cody and Miguel. Jordi tells Cody that he missed a little bit of the (said while shaking his hips) "flavor." Jordi tells Miguel that he was good, but messy. Cody is number one!! Janelle interviews that Cody is good at everything and it's pissing her off.

Nomi, in a different dress from before, tells them that, based on their ranking, they will be choosing partners. Jerry explains that they won't be choosing from the group of dancers there. Instead, they will be choosing from a group of "talented dancers" that they brought in for the occasion. I think I see where this is going. They turn around and are greeted by a commercial break.

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