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The next morning, Jessica interviews that when she woke up she felt dizzy. She wants to suck it up though, since she has a second chance. With less than an hour before the performance, she says that it feels like the room is moving. Oh God, Jessica. Really? She explains to Miguel that her equilibrium feels off and he tells her that, unless she feels 100%, he can't risk having her as his partner. She tears up and says she's glad that he said that. This is just so stupid that I feel sorry for her. James interviews that she looks fine to the human eye. Miguel insists that she can't dance and actually does a fairly good job of making her not feel so bad. She goes to the doctor, knowing she won't be back in time for the callback. She's "so disappointed" that this is how she's leaving. Pitiful.

Jerry enters and stiltedly tells a story about dancing in a tour of West Side Story and how his partner in the Mambo number had fallen asleep backstage so he had to just keep on dancing. Miguel reminds Jerry that it happened to him during the first challenge!! Who could ever forget with the number of times he brings it up?

Jordi decides that the dancers will dance twice, with Mochi partnering with Miguel the second time through. With twenty minutes remaining before the callback, Miguel and Mochi get a little rehearsal in. It doesn't go well. Miguel is nervous and touchy. He gets really touchy at one point and tells her to stop smirking at him. She's like, hi, I'm just smiling. At one point, he just sort of drops her on the ground and, doesn't apologize. Oscar -- and I love this -- comes over and pats Mochi and the back and says, because our brave choreographer and freaking Jerry Mitchell (who is standing right there) didn't have the balls, that Miguel shouldn't treat a girl like that. I know some might find this a little patronizing, but I thought it was awfully sweet. And in that context, it's more than appropriate. The girls have to trust the boys since they are tossing them around. The least Miguel could do is not throw the girl on the ground. Miguel acts like he doesn't know what they're talking about. Mochi says that Miguel is being really defensive and Miguel says that he doesn't have anything to be defensive about. Urgh. He doesn't apologize at all and says that he would prefer to dance alone and let the chips fall where they may. I hate this guy. Mochi adds that she doesn't have to work with Miguel either. Good for her. He interviews that he's going to do the dance solo, since Mochi "wasn't willing" to help him out. Delusional much? Anyway, he says that he's going to be really good and he's excited about the performance. Mochi says that it was a frustrating time for all of them. Whatever, girl, he dropped you.

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