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Previously, we learned how this incredibly complicated show works. Everyone auditions and is split into two groups -- the winners and the losers. Someone from the winning group will have immunity for the next challenge and someone from the losing group will go home. Jessica, though she was in the winning group, wigged out and ran off the stage during the final group performance. Adriana was sent home for being a copy of a copy of 2001 and Janelle won immunity. At the end of all of this, we're supposed to have one special, rich, exposed dancer.

Seriously, these credits. It feels like the promos for a new season on the WB. That's the level of dance in these credits. A lot of these guys are talented too, but aside from Cody's signature move, they really are about as good as Alyssa Milano on one of those everybody-from-the-network ads. Which I will love until the end of time.

We begin in the kitchen; Nick and Tovah are cleaning and James enters and opens the fridge wearing only his underpants. He asks if he can help and Nick says that he can start by putting some pants on in the kitchen. I don't have that particular germ phobia, glory to Ann Reinking. James decides to help by mooning Nick, which he reacts to in disgust. Tovah has dishes to wash. She doesn't have time for this.

Miguel is getting ready and explains that, since it's Sunday, he will be wearing his socks that have "Sunday" knitted into the side. He reminds us that Nancy found his performance in the last challenge "girly." He's going to show her that he can "dance like a man." Sweet Cyd Charisse, if the arc of this show is Miguel finding his way to butch...I don't know.

As Jessica flat-irons her hair, she interviews that the other dancers think she's an amateur because she ran off the stage. We all do, Jessica. But it's what makes you kind of interesting. She was a dance major at UC-Santa Barbara. Well then, I stand corrected. She's not sure what happened to her during the first challenge.

There's a note for the dancers from Jerry; its greeting is "Mesdames and Messieurs." They have to meet him in a half hour and they have to be wearing their most provocative dancewear. This is how Jerry gets all of his dates. The note ends telling the dancers that they will be journeying into the "underworld." Miguel thinks that means strippers. James tells Nick and Tovah that he's going to win the challenge because he's the "sexiest." That confidence will take you far, James.

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