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Hey, a montage! It's been a while! Kate and Sawyer walk through the jungle, carrying torches. In retrospect, Sawyer might have let Carl leave with the boat after they got back to camp. The camera lingers a long while on Sawyer's melancholy face, just so we know how much he loves Kate. Somewhere else, Carl sits by himself at a campfire. He looks up at the night sky, at the stars, and when the camera eventually comes back down, it is, of course, on Alex, also staring up at the sky. I'm not sure that was corny enough; couldn't they have thrown in a shooting star or two?

Now on a larger motorboat, Jack and Juliet sit on opposite sides, looking over the bow out onto the water. Juliet looks over at Jack, and when he looks back at her, she smiles. Jack plays it cool, clearly thinking, "Yeah, that's right. I know you want to get with this," and looks back over the water.

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