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Anyway, Jack testily says again that he knows what his tattoo says, and I kind of like how he didn't feel the need to prove that by revealing it just now. The sheriff accepts this, or at least pretends to, introduces herself as "Isabel," and gets to the real reason she's here: "If you'll come with me, I'd like to talk to you and ask you a few questions." She's very icy and cool. I'm finding myself strangely attracted to her, the same way I kind of have a thing for stern librarians.

She leads Jack down a corridor, and encounter Alex being led down the hallway in the other direction. "Why don't you check on your father, sweetheart? I know he'd appreciate it," says Isabel, although it looks like Alex is in custody. Jack doesn't know what to make of it, so he just follows Isabel, and they continue into a room where Juliet and Tom are waiting. "Have a seat, Jack," says Isabel, and we see that Juliet is handcuffed to her chair.

Isabel sits down at a desk, with Tom, Jack, and Juliet facing her. "As you may have gathered, we don't live on this little island. In fact, most of us don't really like even coming here," she says. She has kind of a half-smile all the time; it's kind of disconcerting. Maybe that's intentional on Isabel's part. She explains that there's been an "incident" she's investigating, and she needs to ask Jack some questions, in the hope he can help her clear up a few of the "inconsistencies" (and she flashes the enigmatic half-smile Juliet's way). She turns to Tom: "Now, correct me if I'm wrong, Tom. But you said that in the midst of a surgical procedure, Jack made several comments indicating that Juliet had asked him to kill Ben." Tom says that's right, and Isabel asks Jack to confirm this: "Did Juliet ask you to kill Ben?" Jack doesn't respond right away, and Isabel doesn't really wait very long before she asks again: "The question's simple. Did Juliet ask you to kill Ben?" Jack does that thing that he always does, where he shakes his head and laughs. He's always laughing, that guy, sometimes incongruously. It's kind of like the real-life version of people who sprinkle "lol" through bulletin board posts like punctuation. I mean, it's annoying even once, but you know how it crops up in strange places, like, "It's really snowing hard here, so hopefully the city's sending out the snowplows lol," or "That whole thing with Anna Nicole Smith is so sad, especially since she just had a baby lol" -- that kind of thing, you know? Where you want to email the person and say, "Were you really laughing out loud just then? And if so, why?" Jack is kind of like that sometimes. But not here, I suppose; here he's trying to downplay Tom's claims.

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