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Jack says he'd be more impressed with the Others if they had a good surgeon. Well -- yes, I suppose, Jack. They wouldn't have needed you, then. Oh, no, wait; Ben says they did have a good surgeon: "His name was Ethan." Right -- and what happened to him? Charlie shot him, true. After you guys sent him on a spy mission to infiltrate the Lostaways camp. After he killed Scott. Or Steve. After he kidnapped Claire and Charlie. After he tried to hang Charlie. Jack doesn't say any of this. Wouldn't want to throw stones in a glass house, right?

Anyway, Jack bluntly tells Ben that he's got a serious infection, and the infected tissue needs to be "reincised" and "debrided," which would have been my diagnosis too, especially if I had any idea what "debrided" means. ["Trimming of dead tissue, basically. Thanks, years of ER recapping." -- Sars] Jack says Ben needs to be closely monitored from here on out: "There might be nerve damage or any number of other complications. You might not walk again." Ben croaks out a joke about Jack's terrible bedside manner, and Jack laughs and says it's too bad Ben's stuck with him, and Ben is all hopefully "am I?" and Jack says. "You need a doctor, Ben. Someone to stay with you, bring you back to good health." Even groggy, Ben knows Jack's not going to do this for nothing: "I've already given you a ticket off this island, Jack. What's it going to cost me this time?" Oh, just promise him something else you don't plan to actually give him, would you? Jack says that right now Ben's people are in a room deciding whether or not to execute Juliet, and says Ben's going to stop it. "Juliet doesn't care about you, Jack. It doesn't matter what she's done. No matter what you think, she's one of us." Jack ignores this and asks if they have a deal or not. Ben lifts his head as best he can and asks Alex (who I don't think I even realized was there) if Isabel has a "walkie." This unfortunately set my dog off running in circles by the front door. "They're already in the meeting," says Alex, so Ben asks for something to write on.

Jack's in some kind of seedy outdoor street market, with women seductively dancing on tables for the customers, and -- hey, is that Gary Glitter? I think it is! And there's Achara, wending her way through the throng. Jack watches her, thinking, I presume, that any moment now she's going to hop on a table and help another woman polish a brass pole with her ass. He takes a swig from something in a brown paper bag. Because drinking in public is probably the worst crime that's being committed in this part of town, so his clever attempt at concealment will keep him from being arrested.

Achara nods at a person or two as she turns off into an alley, and then into a building. He follows her, and there doesn't appear to be any door, just a beaded curtain, behind which is some kind of lounge, lit by dozens of candles, and there's also what I guess is some kind of tattoo station.

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