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Leaving your mark

"You're following me," says Achara. She's wearing some kind of shrink-wrapped red dress. She goes to light another candle, because this place isn't quite enough of a fire hazard just yet. Jack wants to know what this is. "This is where I work. And you shouldn't be here." Jack's sort of incredulous: "This is, uh, a tattoo parlor. That was your big secret? The envelopes? Your gift?" Jeez, Jack, I would've thought you'd be relieved, instead of acting like a dick; you can probably go cancel your appointment at that clinic.

Achara angrily denies that she's a tattoo artist: "I am able to see who people are. My work is not decoration; it is definition. And this, this is my gift." Jack looks like he's not really buying this nonsense. "So, you see who people are?" He says. "Yes," whispers Achara, "and I mark them." Jack wants to know who he is, and Achara initially refuses, because he's an "outsider." "So you can sleep with me... ?" says Jack, as though that means she has to use her magical vision-tattoo or whatever gift on him. "I'm not allowed," she says, and he GRABS HER BY THE THROAT and pushes her up against the wall. What the hell, guy! "Do you see who I am, Achara?" he hisses, and she whispers "yes." She tells him he's "a leader, a great man," and I think the sound on my television must have gone out because I didn't hear her more accurately describe him as a "drunken douchebag with daddy issues." She says that Jack's greatness makes him "lonely and frightened, angry." It's not the drinking? Jack, don't sweat it. Achara's not actually very good at this.

Calming down somewhat, Jack tells her to put it on him. She doesn't move (of course, Jack's still holding her). "Put it on me!" he says again. She says that this is against her people, but Jack couldn't care less. He sits her down at the tattoo station and takes his shirt off. "There will be consequences, Jack," she says. "There always are," he says. She takes some sort of little wand and dips it in a pot. If you've ever seen the tools used to paint Ukrainian Easter eggs (pysanky), it looks kind of like that. They stare at each other for five hours or so, and then she holds the rod against his shoulder, and uses another little rod to tap it...

... and we smash-cut to a slow-motion close-up of Jack's fully tattooed shoulder as he and Alex race over to Juliet's sentencing. Before they get to the door, Alex tells Jack that he shouldn't be here, so he should just hang back and not say anything. I can't believe people don't say that to Jack all the time.

Alex knocks on the door, and it's opened by Tom, who looks like he's about to chew her out for interrupting the meeting. Behind him, we can see Juliet sitting down behind a lectern, in front of a group of seated people. Then Tom sees Jack, and he's really pissed and gets ready to scrap, but Isabel's already out there, ready to stop any kind of fight with her creepy monotone; she tells Tom to let Jack go, and asks Alex what's going on. Alex hands over a note from Ben, and Isabel reads it. She looks pissed, but she kind of always does. "Ben has commuted Juliet's sentence," she says, and Tom looks really surprised. Isabel continues: "Execution is off the table. He says the rules don't apply." Jack sighs in relief, but wait! There's more! "He has, however, ordered her to be marked," says Isabel. Alex looks shocked. So does Jack, even though (or maybe perhaps) he doesn't even know what that is. Even Tom is like, "She's going to be marked? Daaaaaamn." Um, guys, she was supposed to be killed. Whatever "marked" means, it can't be anything worse than death, especially if it turns out to be something bored gangster-wannabe kids do to each other for thrills. Isabel heads back into the "courtroom," and Juliet and Jack stare at each other until Isabel closes the door behind her.

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