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Play With Fire
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Night 24 at Libertad. The contestants return to camp from Tribal Council. A confident Brenda says the lines have been drawn and Dan, Jud, Ben now know that she and Sash are not on their side and it's only a matter of time before they join Marty on the jury. "I'm gonna get a good night's sleep tonight," she tells NaOnka as Jud listens. Hmm, something tells me that Brenda is getting just a little bit too comfortable in this game. Although that's never come back to bite anyone in the ass before, right? To top it all off, Brenda says that if she and Sash are the "king and queen" of this game right now, then she is the king and Sash is the queen. Well, I have to say that Brenda was definitely more clever with her comments on Sash's sexuality than Shannon ever was. Maybe that's why she's still here and he left so long ago that it took me a few minutes to remember his name. While Brenda and Sash sleep soundly and dream of million dollar paydays, Episode 2 Holly returns after a too-long absence and gets all paranoid and tries to convince anyone who will listen that Brenda and Sash are going to beat them if they don't take them out now. She finds an eager audience in a nearby tree stump, that reward rooster, and Jane, who has to know that she'll be one of the first to go when Brenda starts picking off her own allies. Holly says there comes a point in this game where you have to stop caring about how much you like someone and start getting rid of the people standing in your way. She thinks if she, Jane, NaOnka, and Chase can stick together and bring two more people in, they'll be able to vote Brenda out. Holly tells us in creepy night vision that she is ready to make the necessary power move in this game. Hooray! From the ashes of Marty comes a new power player!

The next morning, the tribe has to leave for a reward challenge, but the clouds above indicate that it could rain and possibly put their fire out. Fortunately, our hearty woodsmen and women think of a great solution: they will protect the fire from the rain by building a protective enclosure over it, and that enclosure will be made out of the most inflammable materials they can possibly find. Nice, dry wooden treasure chests surround the fire and wood sticks and other pieces of bark are put over it. Jud interviews that it's important to keep their fire going. The contestants stand around the result of their labors and no one speaks up or even necessarily realizes that it might not be a good idea to basically stick a fire inside of a log pile. Instead, Jane and Holly are still in plotting mode. Holly says she wanted to talk to Chase last night, but every time her manic episodes woke her up, he was still asleep. Holly sits in the shelter as smoke rises from the fire pit and is too busy thinking about how far she's come in this game to wonder if perhaps the "canopy" over the fire shouldn't also be on fire.

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