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4 a.m. Miracle

Matt walks into the hallway and asks Danny if he knows the full title and author of "Kubla Khan." Danny responds, "Gene Roddenberry." Matt spits out, "Not The Wrath Of Khan!" Ha! That was the best line of the episode. Anyway, Danny is flipping through the pitches Matt has rejected, anxious about the absence of sketches written. Danny suggests that Matt could do something with a sketch called "Jason the Mason." Matt agrees that it's a funny title, but that's about it. They bicker over whether the title referred to Masons (secret society version) or Masons (people who work with brick, stone, and other materials version) until they reach Matt's office. Matt wonders where Harriet is, and rants that they're allowing her to work on her movie, but not to the detriment of the show. Except that it seems like Matt is really more worried about Harriet spending time with Luke on a sexy movie set. Danny yells that Matt promised him, when they took the job, that the Harriet thing wouldn't be an issue. Matt doesn't think it is. Danny keeps asking Matt if he can help in any way, or if Matt needs anything, and Matt keeps saying no. I don't know if they're dyeing Matthew Perry's hair or what, but he's kind of turning into Elvis. At the very least, he could try out to be the next Danny Zuko on You're The One That I Want.

Harriet, meanwhile, is busy filming her Anita Pallenberg movie. She hustles onto the set, which is dressed like a bedroom, as Luke settles in behind the monitor to watch the take. Harriet/Anita snorts a line of coke and then lies back on the bed, blissful. A young dude sitting nearby notices a gun on the bed, and Harriet/Anita tells him that it belongs to Keith Richards. She puts the gun to her head and pulls the trigger, but nothing happens. She hands the young dude the gun, and when he asks if there are bullets in there, she doesn't answer. He takes it anyway, holds it to his head and...Harriet breaks character to ask if they're really going to claim that Anita was guilty of manslaughter. Didn't she read the script? It's not like this is a Christopher Guest movie. Although it would probably be a lot better if it were. Harriet rushes over to Luke and protests that even though Anita isn't pulling the trigger in this version, she's still culpable. Harriet points out that, in real life, Anita wasn't even in the house, and that a jury cleared her of all charges. Luke pleads that in this film, Anita is in the house, and she is responsible. He begs Harriet just to shoot the scene, and promises her that he has enough footage that they can argue about their version in post-production; I guess he means that they can change their interpretation by using different footage. I think Harriet has been around enough to recognize that as bullshit.

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