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4 a.m. Miracle

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4 a.m. Miracle

Harriet is pulled away by a phone call from Danny, and she reminds Luke that she's technically supposed to be working on her TV show right now. Harriet apologizes to Danny and says that they only have one shot left. Danny says that they're a little behind too, due to Matt's writer's block. He asks Harriet to come back and "fake it with [Matt]" to "make him feel better." Harriet protests, "I'm not responsible for this." See how it's like she's having the same argument about responsibility with Danny and Luke both? Uncanny! But it also puts Matt in the position of being compared to a seventeen-year-old cokehead who wants to fuck a famous guy's girlfriend. I'm not sure that part works. Danny throws Harriet a guilt trip about how shitty it makes Matt feel to know that Harriet is up all night shooting a film with Luke. And this is Harriet's problem how again? Harriet is called back to the set.

Jordan arrives in the studio to go out for dinner with Danny, except that Danny says he can't go just yet, since Matt is all stuck. They banter about whether or not she loves him, and their relationship seems to be moving awfully fast, but whatever. Danny suggests that Jordan lie down for an hour, and then they can eat. Jordan drops her bag, and a baby starts crying. She rifles through her purse until she finds a remote control, which she points at the bag, and the baby stops crying. Danny is flummoxed. Jordan shows him her bounty, a Real Care Baby. You know, the ones they give kids in high school (I think only on TV -- I don't know anyone who had one in real life, although I'm sure they exist) that have a computer chip that tells if the caretakers abuse the baby, or don't feed it, or what-have-you. Jordan is all excited that she spent $600 on a practice baby, but Danny thinks it's crazy. Jordan points out that she can "practice comforting." Because you know those career women. They need to take lessons on how to be a parent. Danny tries to assure Jordan that babies aren't all that difficult. Jordan brings up Lana, her Lamaze coach, who Danny thinks is a lesbian. Jordan says that she just hates men. Danny points out that she's ugly to boot. I'm really, really glad that Lana hasn't appeared on the show, because I think that would break some sort of stereotype quota. Danny ascertains that Lana recommended that Jordan buy the fake baby, and also that Lana sells them. Jordan apparently didn't see the conflict of interest until now. She's the HEAD OF THE NETWORK and she didn't see that. My God. There are so many interesting things to explore about women and careers and motherhood in this culture, and this show is exploring exactly none of them. Jordan challenges Danny to take care of the fake baby until they leave, and then starts clucking like a chicken when he balks. She boks when he balks. Danny agrees to do it, and I will say that Bradley Whitford, a dad a few times over, sure knows how to hold a fake baby.

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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip




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