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4 a.m. Miracle

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4 a.m. Miracle

Back on the film set, they're trying the scene again. This time, the kid pulls the trigger and Anita/Harriet lets out a horribly fake scream, which makes Luke call cut. Now they have to reset the scene, and there's fake blood everywhere, so this is probably going to take a while. Luke rushes over, and Harriet complains that there is literally blood on her hands. Luke keeps glossing over her concerns by saying that they'll "get it in coverage." Harriet points out that all coverage does is show the same shit from different angles (but she doesn't curse). Luke was hoping she wouldn't point that out. Harriet continues with her "Anita wasn't responsible in real life" argument until Luke yells that Anita was responsible no matter where she was at the time. He then falls into a better argument, which is that Harriet had two months with the script, and that maybe she should have brought up these concerns earlier. Luke stops yelling and quietly asks her why this is coming up now, and what she feels guilty about. Harriet tries to dodge the question by saying that she'll shoot it his way, but then admits that she had a terrible fight with Matt. Luke realizes that Harriet came over to his house afterward. Luke turns away from her because they're ready to start shooting again.

Matt is in his office, trying to work through a joke about a paramecium. I don't know. Suzanne interrupts to ask if Mary can come in. Mary has a lot of questions about why there are only three writers. Matt tells her the whole story (well, not the whole story), and she asks if they're going to hire more, pointing out that it's Wednesday and that they have nothing written, so they might need the help. And also, their ratings are slipping. Matt is like, "What the hell, lady?" Mary says she's just trying to see if Matt would be a good witness under duress. Mary next wants to talk about how Matt hates Ricky and Ron, which he denies. She accuses him of lying; Matt claims that he was being discreet and polite. He offers Mary a drink, which she accepts, and then tells the biggest lie of all: "I'm not a fan of Ricky and Ron and they're not fans of mine." Well, that part is true. "But I've never seen them behave unprofessionally." Um, the whole way they left? None of that was unprofessional? Mary points out that Matt and Harriet's relationship might be considered unprofessional. Matt says that their relationship wasn't sexual harassment, and Mary points out that the network has a policy against relationships among co-workers. So how are Danny and Jordan together, then? Matt wonders what the reasoning would be for such a policy, and is he really that naïve? Is this his first time working...anywhere? Mary explains that, right now, Matt wants Harriet back on the set, and in fact has every right to demand that Harriet return to the set, but he won't, because she's with Luke, and he's afraid that he would look petty. Matt is shocked that Mary has him pegged, like he's so inscrutable. Plus, it's her job. Mary lays on the hard stuff: "Isn't Harriet the reason you're having trouble writing? And isn't the writing connected to the ratings?"

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