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4 a.m. Miracle

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4 a.m. Miracle

Danny soothes the fake baby in his office, while Jordan slumbers nearby on the couch. The fake baby starts crying, so Danny smothers it, like that won't show up on the computer chip. He realizes that won't make the baby stop crying, so he grabs it and leaves the office. Danny starts jumping up and down with the baby in his arms, because babies LOVE that. Jordan walks out and asks what he did to make the baby cry, because babies are just sunshine and smiles unless someone comes along and pokes them or something. Jordan tells him that he only has two minutes before the chip registers neglect. Two minutes? If someone can't calm a crying baby in two minutes, it's neglect? Man. Danny goes through his checklist of things to try, including burping and rocking, but it's feeding that does the trick. The rocking was cracking me up because Bradley Whitford was essentially doing calisthenics. Anyway, he and Jordan banter some more, and then she goes back to sleep while he feeds the fake baby.

Simon and Tom are working on pitches or sketches or their standup routines or something. Simon's involves the hackiest material ever: "Didja ever notice the warnings on various products?" Apparently, Simon was making an analogy about how Karen Salisberg should have known what she was getting into when she went to work in late-night comedy. Tom says that he didn't even really know Karen, and Simon says that he didn't really either, although he did sleep with her. Tom thinks Simon needs to talk to the lawyer about this. Simon is afraid he'll lose his job and his house. Look, unless he was Karen's boss, and told her that she'd be fired if she didn't sleep with him, I'm sure he'll just get a slap on the wrist. Actually, I'm not even going to get too mired in this subplot, because it goes nowhere.

Danny walks in and tells Tom and Simon that they need to take care of the fake baby for a while. He doesn't give a good reason for it except that he's sick of doing it. And yet they agree to do it. As soon as Danny leaves, Tom starts flopping the baby around like...well, I was going to make a Britney Spears joke here, but that just seems sad now.

Harriet gets her screaming scene right, finally, and Luke looks pleased. After yelling cut, Luke wants to get back into what happened the night of Harriet's dinner. Harriet tells the tale of the auction and her fight with Matt. Luke is pissed because he thought this conversation would be more about him and less about Matt. He takes his anger out on Harriet by announcing that they'll be shooting for a good long while, so she might as well settle in, because she's not leaving.

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