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4 a.m. Miracle

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4 a.m. Miracle

Tom and Simon are still discussing Simon's sex life. Simon's carrying around a six-pack, and Tom has a beer but no fake baby. Cal rolls in a prop guillotine, and if you didn't see where this bit was going immediately, well, I don't know if you've ever watched television, seen a movie, or read a book before. So let's just cut to the chase. Cal assures them that it's a fake guillotine, and neither Tom nor Simon wants to test it, so they stick the fake baby in there, and the fake baby's head gets chopped off. Wah wah waaaaaaaaah. Danny walks in and freaks out and the only part that really made me laugh in the scene was Tom trying to sneak behind the guillotine so that Danny wouldn't yell at him. Danny orders Cal to get the prop guys to fix the fake baby. After Cal takes off, Danny asks Simon and Tom what they're looking so weird about, and Simon announces that Karen Salisberg may have a point with her lawsuit. God, no she doesn't! Just having sex with a co-worker is not sexual harassment!

Mary and Matt are still in Matt's office. Matt is reading through the full text of Karen's complaint for the first time while Mary flits around his office looking for a knife so that she can add a twist of lemon to her drink. Matt reaches a part of the lawsuit where Karen alleged that the male writers were discussing how they'd like to fuck Harriet. Matt is OUTRAGED because some of those writers were his friends. Mary wants to make sure Matt can still be on the network's side.

Back at Harriet's movie, they're filming the scene again, except this time Harriet/Anita is in the bathroom. They do realize that Harriet doesn't actually need to be in the bathroom, since she's off-camera, right? Luke, who still seems pissed, promises that they only need one more take of this version of the scene, and then Harriet can leave. Harriet walks over and apologizes, adding that she thinks she was feeling "mystery guilt" due to the scene she was filming. Luke acts all dickish and barely puts away his cell phone long enough to tell her that there's no mystery: Harriet pummeled Matt so that he'd fight back, and confessed it to Luke so he'd free her. Harriet asks if this is a breakup, and Luke won't even look at her as he confirms it, instead choosing to jump right into filming the scene again. Luke calls Matt "an arrogant, self-destructive egomaniacal prick." Harriet gets MAD! At her (until very recently) boyfriend for talking shit about her ex-boyfriend. And it's not like he said anything that wasn't true. Suddenly, I'm kind of rooting for Luke. Harriet claims that Matt would never let someone else talk about her that way. No, he'd just say that shit to her face. Luke thinks Harriet is a sucker, and Harriet claims that Matt would also never "go three hours into overtime just to screw with someone who used to be his friend." I think Matt's exactly that petty, actually. Harriet tells Luke what takes to use, because in case you forgot, she's a genius actress on top of everything else.

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