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4 a.m. Miracle

Matt is still reading through all the nasty things the writers had to say about Harriet back in the day. Is he really that shocked that a group of comedy writers talked dirty about a hot chick? Has he spent any time at all in a room of overworked exhausted nerdy dudes? Mary gets back to the point that she needs Matt to be a good witness, and after reading these conversations, he might not be motivated to testify for these guys. Matt says that no room he was running would ever allow these types of conversations, but admits that a lot of good writing comes out of rooms that he doesn't run. That's a first. Matt agrees to be a witness. Danny, Simon, and Tom enter the room. Simon admits that he slept with Karen, and describes her as a tall redhead. Mary interrupts him to says that Karen is actually short and blonde. Simon even says, "Well, that was a lot of time and energy wasted on nothing." You're telling me. Simon and Tom leave, and after pointing out that Matt still has a lot of work to do, Danny follows. Mary gathers her things and gives Matt her card, telling him, "You can use that for...well, whatever you want to use it for." Can he use it to make a brooch? Matt raises an eyebrow and follows Mary out to ask if she's asking him out. Mary confirms that she's interested. Matt wonders if she gets the irony of a sexual harassment specialist asking out a witness. She does. Mary wonders how long it's going to take him to get Harriet out of his system. Matt thinks it might be a while, but he's flattered.

Matt starts to head back to his office, but Danny joins him and says he overheard the whole thing and can't believe Matt didn't go for it. Matt changes the subject, asking if Danny thinks their ratings are dropping because Matt's still hung up on Harriet. Matt realizes that the ratings dip does in fact coincide with Harriet's telling him off and avoiding being around him. He and Danny stare at each other for a minute, and then Matt shakes it off and announces that they all have some ideas, and that the show will go on. As he exits, Danny grabs the bottle of vodka and suggests, "Not so much of this, okay?" Matt looks sort of stunned, like he can't believe someone picked up on his reliance on intoxicants.

Cal runs up to Danny with the repaired baby, promising that the computer chip thinks the baby slept, and was fed and changed. Danny is psyched. He walks into his office and wakes Jordan with a kiss. She asks if the baby is okay, and Danny wants to collect on his bet. Jordan thinks she had better plug the baby into the computer to check on it. As she coos to the baby, suddenly the head pops up and the eyeballs bug out. Jordan screams, and Danny leaps off the couch and rolls onto the floor. I think I rewound that part three times, just to see Bradley Whitford's reaction again. Anyway, Danny confesses that the baby's head was chopped off, so he had the prop master fix it, and apparently the prop master is a prankster. Of course, this also means that he has to admit he left the baby with Tom and Simon. Jordan's biggest concern is what they will practice with now, and Danny assures her that she doesn't need practice, and that she'll be a great mother, and that he's not going anywhere. They kiss, and Danny says that he'll have someone take her home, because he needs to stay around and babysit Matt. He should be a great dad; he's been babysitting Matt for quite some time.

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