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Previously: Ricky and Ron left and took the whole hacky writing staff with them, save for Lucy and Darius who -- coincidently enough -- were the only two writers we'd gotten to know anyway. Matt was totally fine with it, of course, because it's easier to blow off two writers than a whole slovenly roomful. Danny got worried about Jordan's job security and urged her to manage her own press. Like, you know, everyone else in the entertainment industry has to do in order to get by. Also, Miss Alli stopped by and tore Matt a new cornchute or three, and we're all very grateful that she did.

The episode title this week is "B-12," and you'll all be forgiven if you envisioned an hour's worth of Matt Albie pontificating on the military-industrial complex and how his show is the last vanguard for truth in the media. No, it's actually going to refer to the vitamin, which is a far more hilarious subject. Speaking of using "hilarious" in an utterly disingenuous manner, we see this week's host on Studio 60 is none other than Howie Mandel, synergistic star of NBC's big hit Deal Or No Deal. And the joy I get out of Aaron Sorkin's having to piggyback onto Deal Or No Deal to get more of NBC's viewers to stick around for his show is perverse indeed. Howie starts the usual plug-heavy monologue that SNL has made famous, and then Danny joins him onstage. For a second, I anticipate that Danny is going to go through a parody of Wes Mendel's meltdown from the Pilot, revealing just how quickly the television serpent begins to eat its own tail, but alas, it's merely a Deal Or No Deal parody. Here's a detail I never thought I'd need to note: while Danny's fakely on the fake phone talking to the fake "banker" guy, he raises his eyebrows, and his glasses fall comically from up on his (giant, ever-expanding) forehead down to the bridge of his nose, where they should be. While we cut around to see none other than Martha "Breasts Of Distraction" O'Dell sitting at a monitor next to the stage, we see Danny lift the glasses back to their perch on his massive cranium. Shockingly enough, this will become important later. Well, not important to the show so much as important to a nitpicker like me. Anyway, meet me back in ten pages or so and we'll discuss it further. MOVING ON...

In the control room, Matt stares at the bank of TVs, and all the ones we see are tuned in to the show that's currently taping live, as we might expect they would. But Matt looks like he sees something portentous. What that is, we'll find out later.

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