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Previously on Studio 60: Matt, Danny, and Jordan were all absent from last week's episode, and nobody missed them a bit. But apparently they're back this week, because all the footage from previous episodes is of them: Matt got a visit from Mary The Dimpled Lawyer about a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former writer. Danny and Jordan were annoyingly couply. Matt and Mary were annoyingly flirty. And Matt was ON THE JUNK, lest we forget. Big thanks to Wing Chun for rocking out on the recaplet for me.

Would you believe me if I told you this episode began with one long tracking shot through the studio as various cast and crew prepared to begin the live show? Well, it does. Matt's twitchy and is jotting down notes, while Danny bellows at the cast to "huddle up!" Both men run into a deep-voiced man with gray hair and -- hey! We finally get to see Don Pardon't! Matt's got a beef with Don, however, because at dress rehearsal he said "Live, from Studio City" rather than "Live from Studio 60." Don doesn't think he did, because that would sound ridiculous. Don tells Matt that now all he'll be able to think about is his "Studio City" gaffe, and Matt is typically condescending when he tells Don that the correct name of the show is the only thing he has to think about, as he's just the announcer. Hard to believe the labor unions would refuse to work for these two. Danny plays good cop once Don leaves and tells Matt to lighten up. We haven't seen this since the second episode, but apparently there's still the tradition of the cast getting into a non-prayer circle and doing...something. I don't know, the last time we saw this, Harriet used it as an opportunity to thank Jesus for being a funny guy or whatever. Danny tells the cast that he's been hearing a lot of talk about ratings this week, but he doesn't want anyone to talk, or even think, about ratings tonight -- that's not their job. Their job is to entertain the blah, blah, blah. It's Simon's "turn" in the circle, which I guess means he gets to speak or pray or, you know, discuss evolution. Whatever it takes so that nobody can call this a "prayer circle." Simon essentially just...talks. About how grateful he is to work on the show. He does throw in a passive-aggressive jab at Harriet about how it's nice that her head is back at Studio 60 full time now that the movie's wrapped, not to mention how she and Matt being back on speaking terms makes everyone's lives easier. Then they all put their hands in for the "Go, Bayside!" moment.

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