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It looks like the wrap party is on the roof, which of course leads to Danny and Jordan frolicking on their old stomping grounds. Only not frolicking, because they're in the middle of a fight. Danny doesn't want to be fighting anymore, which leads Jordan to quickly apologize for telling Danny to get his ass back onstage before. Danny begins to apologize, but he realizes he doesn't have anything he wants to apologize for. Asshole. Rather than hauling off and cracking him in the face -- with a meat cleaver -- Jordan explains that sometimes they're going to have to interact like the showrunner and network president they are. So Danny's like, "Give me notes. Right now. I can take it." They find a table, and Jordan starts talking demo: the show is "skewing urban," and they need more red-staters; it's also skewing older, and they need more kids. Wait, it's skewing urban and older. They're pulling in the Ruby Dee/Ossie Davis demo? I guess Tom's got a bit of a different appeal than I thought. Oh, and they also need more women to watch. Danny snarks that she's basically saying they need more people to watch, and she gets paid for this. She tells him to shove it up his ass, and she's only half kidding. They go back to talking about the opening sketch, and she says something about seeing the sketch coming and YouTube that I genuinely don't get, no matter how hard I think about it. I mean, I'm sure Aaron has a fundamental objection to YouTube, so maybe he's just firing it off once a week and hoping any connection with this show will bring about its ultimate failure.

Jordan asks the waiter for some orange juice -- a carton if possible. Jordan continues to press Danny to make the show more ratings-friendly, but Danny doesn't want to hear it. He insists that ratings have been down because the show has been lousy, and that's because Matt hasn't been writing the shows until Wednesdays, and that's because of something he won't tell her, wink--wink, pop-pop, swallow-swallow. Jordan gets her quart of o.j. and starts chugging, at which point Danny seriously would like to know what's up with the binging on citrus. She says it's because she hasn't felt the baby kick all day. Danny immediately gets very concerned and whisks her away.

Matt's office. He's on the phone, trying to get preliminary ratings info and getting nowhere. He's irritable, and he bitches to Suzanne about why ratings aren't instantaneous. She says she knows he knows she told Danny about the pills. Matt knows she knows he knows. And I know you know I know this is a bit from that Friends episode, so I don't have to make a big thing out of it, right? Suzanne gets Matt to confirm that he's not mad at her before telling him that he's about to crash and how awful the withdrawal's going to be. His serotonin levels are going to be for shit and he'll be more depressed than he ever thought possible. Don Pardon't knocks on the door and says he saw the tape, and damned if he didn't say "Studio City." Matt's gracious about it, at last, and tells Don to go enjoy the party.

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Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip




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