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Jack's already inside, as are Jordan and Matt. Tom finds a monitor with the NBS news feed of three bound U.S. soldiers with blindfolds on their faces. Matt's been watching, so he gets the unenviable task of having to explain to Tom that his brother is the one in the middle, even though Tom may not be able to recognize him because he's been beaten up pretty bad. Tom's voice is thick as he grasps at the next straw he can find: maybe it's another Mark Jeter. Matt, cursed with the information, tells Tom they read off Mark's name, rank, and company. He tries to say how "these things turn out okay," and I'm not sure if anyone in the room can believe that, much less Tom, who picks up something from the nearest table and fires it at the monitor. He tries to throw a chair, but Matt grabs him, and Tom collapses -- utterly collapses -- into Simon. Folks, everybody does a great job with this scene, but Nate Corddry is breaking my heart right now. I'm so glad he got to have this scene before the show ended. I'm not really sure how much it has to do with what this show was originally intended to be, but it works on its merits. Tom's mouth moves to scream "Oh my God!" but no sound emerges. Jack says they'll take him to the L.A. news bureau, where he'll get the news as fast as it's available. The NBS jet is also on its way to pick up his parents. Jack and Simon lead Tom out.

After he's gone, Jordan looks back at the monitor and notes that one of the captors is holding an axe. Man. Danny leads her out into the hallway. He flags down some random staffer and asks her to drive Jordan to the hospital, and he'll meet them there. Jordan's too freaked out to argue, so she just kisses him goodbye and promises to call. Danny passes a stunned Lucy as he walks back into the control room, where Matt is staring slack-jawed at the TVs. Danny says he'll get Suzanne to quietly assemble the cast. Matt asks why Jordan's gone to the hospital, and Danny explains about the baby not kicking. They both ascertain that the other one is doing okay, but Matt says the next person to ask him about ratings gets fired.

Man, babies and soldiers in peril. They really did want to take on that C.S.I. audience, didn't they? Next week: who knows? No previews are a scary thing.

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