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And on that rather pointed note, Mary interrupts Jordan and Jack. Jordan asks if she's met Jack yet, and Mary manages to introduce herself without asking him out on a date or showing him the tattoo of her IQ score on her ass or anything. Jack, not unkindly, asks if he could possibly stay out of this whole lawsuit business until he absolutely has to be involved, so Mary and Jordan take their conversation to the hall. Mary explains to Jordan -- who has a background as a lawyer -- about the retaliation claim and how Matt told the Spitzer guy that Karen was "bad news." Jordan voices for the audience the idea that Matt was simply exercising "free speech." Before Mary can explain, she has to mention how cute Matt is. Jordan's like, "Yeah, he's a real kitten." Mary asks Jordan to let her know when Matt's gotten over Harriet.

Jordan and I are antsy for her to get to the point, so Mary says that in California, Matt's not allowed to say that Karen was fired due to her performance unless he personally knows that to be true. He can only attest to what he knows for a fact, and in this case that would be only when she began working and when she stopped working. Jordan calls it a "crazy-ass law," and maybe I'm a crazy ass, but I kind of see the point there. I mean, Matt was merely engaging in industry gossip in saying why she was fired, but if that gossip is in service of keeping a woman from getting a job, all of that stemming from a sexual harassment claim...I'm no lawyer, but I can see the logic there. This doesn't even get into the fact that the Spitzer guy should have known about Karen Salisburg and her lawsuit and subsequent firing anyway, through unofficial channels, and he shouldn't have needed Matt Albie to tell him, so this story point seems a little convenient. Anyway, Mary -- in a moment that really makes me want to like her if she'd just knock off all the Matt stuff -- says the crazy-ass nature of the law is what makes the case so fascinating, and that it has a potential to go all the way to the Supreme Court, and she and her partners would take this case for free. There's a real joy in being able to do her job that is very appealing right now. Jordan reminds her, however, that they're not doing it for free, and the network would rather not have to ride this all the way to the Supreme Court, so could the lawyers please get this taken care of sooner than that? "No sweat," chirps Mary, and she takes off to watch the rest of the show.

Still on "News 60," Tom is playing the "weather correspondent" and he tries to land a joke about someone obtaining "the world's largest snow machine." He looks like he ate something sour even before the cameras are off him. Harriet ends the news with some lame joke about Jews in Hollywood, and we're off to backstage, where Tom is freaking out about how he said "snow machines" instead of "snow blowers," which was the actual line. Alex and Dylan tell him not to worry. This branches off into a discussion of the falling ratings and how they can turn it around. Dylan, shockingly, thinks they should do more "frat stuff," with catchphrases and stuff. Oh, Matt Albie would not approve of that. If you recall, Matt's idea of acceptable frat humor is still Gilbert and Sullivan. Simon busts in and chides them all for talking about ratings even though Dad Danny totally told them not to. Before he can threaten to squeal, Harriet pulls him aside, where they have the exact same conversation they've had twice before about Tom's brother: he's still missing, Harriet still wants to tell Tom, Simon still wants to wait until after the show. Simon additionally brings up the point that they'd be putting Tom in the position of having to zombie his way through the rest of the show when he's heavily featured in the last two-thirds. "This is where we get in trouble," he says. Harriet's like, "'Trouble,' like ratings 'trouble'? Are you kidding?" Simon gets very serious and says that if something happens that Tom needs to know, he'll get told. "And yeah, I worry about my job," he jabs. "I don't have a movie coming out at Christmas." Wait, intra-cast professional jealousies? Those happen on this show?

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