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Harriet continues on until Matt spots her and calls, "Yo, Norma Rae!" He asks her about telling Karen Salisburg that a writers' room is a tough place for a woman. Harriet reasonably tells Matt that she was making Karen feel better. Matt asks whether she was lying then or is lying now, but she says she wasn't lying either time: a writers' room is a tough place for a woman. And why? "Because fundamentally women are taught not to be funny. Because it's not attractive." Now, not being a woman I have no expertise in this field, and while I could probably haul out dozens of examples of women who manage to be both funny and attractive, I'm not going to. You would think the easy answer is that it's hard for a woman in a writers' room because there aren't as many other women in the room, but since Matt doesn't delve into what Harriet says beyond chiming in to say that he finds funny women attractive, I'll let it drop as well. ["I'll only say that it's fascinating that Harriet says that the difficulty is that it's hard for the woman to be funny, rather than that it's hard for the men to accept the woman being funny. This means that all the men in the room are only responding to the fact that the woman is unable to be funny because of the way she was raised. Nothing to do with the way they were raised, and nothing they need to worry about. Whew! " -- Miss Alli]

Jordan's waiting in Danny's office when he shows up and asks Jordan if she needs to lie down or anything. She tells him she's fine and he should go about his business. But there's already the note she left on his desk, so she waits while he reads it. "'I asked you not to open with the war'?" he parrots, as indignant as he pleases that his girlfriend continues to do her job after she's been bagged and tagged by the royal prick of Danny Tripp. Jordan, for once, is not having it. She says it was a note from the president of the network. Come on, Jordan's not the president of the network. She -- oh, she is? Wow, that's interesting. When did that happen? Danny whines about how war is such a "bummer" now when it used to be "money in the bank," but Jordan ignores his soapboxing and thunders on: she's throwing herself in front of Jack for the sake of Danny's artistic freedom and the shitty ratings he's been pulling. Danny tries to argue the same 5.7/19 Jordan did, but this time, she takes Jack's line about the last two months and the half-hours. She says Danny not only opened with the war, but he did so because she asked him not to, "and that's just messed up." She says they're taking down a lot of good people on this sinking ship, and Danny should get his ass back on the floor. And then she waddles out of his office, because she is still remarkably pregnant. That can't have been the exit she wanted.

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