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Previously on Studio 60, we all flashed back to those tumultuous weeks following 9/11, when Matt and Danny felt like the nation wasn't yet ready for comedy. Jack told them they didn't have much of a choice, however, and admonished them not to make fun of the President or "America" on the show. They were still free to make fun of the People's Republic of Faggy Hollywood, however. Tom was still reeling from the news of his brother's kidnapping, and the Air Force sent Captain Boyle out to talk him through it. Mary Tate thought her connections to semi-legal overseas security firms could possibly be of help in Tom's situation. And Jordan had to get an emergency C-section, but Danny first had to put a ring on her finger and make an honest woman out of her, and we're all left to observe that she's lucky to have him.

We're told it's 12:55 AM when we see Danny all by himself in the hospital waiting room. Danny's halo of poorly-dyed clown hair is at Threat Level Delta, and I don't even know what that means, though I suspect the hair does. The doctor shows up and says "everything's fine," but he follows that up with a whole AMA handbook's worth of medical jargon, all of which adds up to the fact that Jordan is, right now, bleeding internally. Danny asks if the situation is life-threatening, and Doc makes an ill-advised statement that going to the corner for a newspaper could be life-threatening too. Ah, I see Doc gets his paper at the Crips 'n' Bloods Newsstand, too. But this is all just an excuse for Danny to justifiably threaten someone, so he's all, "Kid, I will beat you up," because remember, we're dealing with an incredibly young doctor here. I would kind of like to see Danny Tripp in a fistfight, though. Something tells me the outcome would be very much to my liking. Doc assures Danny that they will stop the bleeding and "she's gonna be fine." Danny focuses on the "gonna," and Doc says that Jordan is, right now, under general anesthesia because she's at risk of seizures, which of course makes Danny focus on "risk" and "seizures." Doc suggests Danny go get a drink and calm the hell down, but of course Danny No Fun is an alcoholic. Doc's like, "Sucks to be you -- see ya," but Danny stops him and asks if Jordan being under general anesthesia is bad for the baby. "Oh, the baby's been delivered," says Doc. Danny and the Doc go back and forth about how that detail could have slipped by unspoken, and Danny's rapidly freaking out. The baby is in intensive care, because she's a few weeks premature, but otherwise, she's in good health. Doc asks Danny if he has anyone he can call who will be able to calm him down any before he starts to have a baby. On cue, the elevator doors open and Matt and Harriet exit, bickering as they do about some ridiculousness or another. Danny says these two are his calming influences. Ba-dum-bum.

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