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Danny brings Matt and Harriet up to speed, using all the medical jargon Doc led with. He says the Doc seems to think Jordan's going to be just fine. "Was that the doctor?" Harriet asks. It was. "What is he, fifteen?" she goggles. Matt asks why Harriet would make Danny even more nervous than he already is by pointing out the novel hilarity of a young doctor, and Harriet goes, "I'm concerned that Doogie Howser is working on my friend and her baby." Heh: called it. Danny now remembers the part about the baby being delivered, and also the part about how he and Jordan got engaged. Harriet's kind of bowled over by this, but Matt's reaction is "You did it!" Danny explains how he popped the question right before they wheeled her away. Matt asks what "draft" Danny used, because Matt was writing Danny's marriage proposal for him. There has got to be some island where it's legal for a monstrously self-involved and annoying man to marry another monstrously self-involved and annoying man, and I'm currently talking with the Jericho people about how we can all pay the folks at NBC to send Matt and Danny there before this show is over. They bicker about whether Matt's version would have "worked better" than the one Danny used, and Harriet gets a rare chance to speak for all of us when she tells them both to shut up. The camera pushes in on Danny as Harriet then sets the scene for us: that Danny has a fiancée and a baby, and before tonight, neither of those things were true. "Things are moving fast tonight," says Danny, and between the close-up on his face and the oncoming rush of the opening credits, it seems like we're being made to feel like Danny's really accomplished something and we should be happy for him. In case you're new to the recaps: that won't be happening.

After the break, Danny gets the update from Matt about Tom's situation. Harriet, back with the coffee like a good woman, says Danny needs to take that whole situation off his plate, considering that Jordan's still bleeding and Danny's "stepdaughter-to-be" is in the ICU. Matt begrudgingly admits that Harriet's right and starts to offer to head back to take care of things at the studio, but Danny interrupts him to request that everybody stop calling the baby his "stepdaughter," because she is his daughter and was from the moment she was born. And since we all know women are powerless to resist Danny Tripp for very long, I'm suggesting the baby just accept it now before Danny starts asking the rest of the NICU for letters of recommendation. Danny continues to grandstand about "his" daughter, and he starts screaming about how he'd really like to see her at some point. And with mood swings like that, I'm sure he'll make a fine dad. Danny leads Matt to the elevator and tells him to go back and "normalize" things back at the studio. Harriet asks some inane question about setting a date for the wedding that is there for the sole purpose of Danny and Matt making a sexist joke about women and weddings, which in turn is only there so Aaron Sorkin can poke at everybody who calls his writing sexist. Matt says he'll head back, but he tells Harriet to stay here with Danny. She asks Matt if he needs anything from her before he goes, and Matt says no and starts to smirk, like he's finally got Harriet wrapped around his finger again. Of course, he gets on the elevator and remembers he needs the keys to Harriet's car from her, and okay, that was a little satisfying to see Matt deflated like that.

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