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So Matt calls Danny, but just as Danny picks up, here's the doctor, who opens with: "Relax." Of course, telling someone to "relax" has never, in the history of spoken words, ever actually led to that person relaxing. Ever. Doc continues to preface, saying he's about to use some words that sound worse than they are. The gist is that they thought Jordan was fine, but she went into shock when they took her to recovery. It turns out her body hasn't been able to clot at the incision point. They've got the head of hematology working on her right now and administering drugs. They can't visit Jordan yet, because the doctors are keeping her pretty doped up in case they need to open her up again. Doc promises Danny that these are simply post-op complications, and Jordan should be out of the woods by sunrise. Danny tells the doctor that he still hasn't been able to see the baby, and since Doc has found one thing he can fix right now, he tells the nurse to cut the shit and get Danny an ID bracelet already.

Danny calls Matt back and relays the news. Matt says he's coming down, but Danny tells him not to. Matt says they're currently "bunkered in" by the press at the studio. "At least it's a reminder that we never quite finished the first war," says Danny, and oh my God, we get it. The press stopped covering Afghanistan once Iraq began, and while you could argue whether that was justified considering Iraq was a clusterfuck from nearly the word "go," it's a fair point to make. But the fact that Sorkin has spent the better part of two episodes wagging his finger at the media for dropping the ball, while his show about television has turned to medical and military drama to prop itself up is pretty shitty. The only behind-the-scenes-of-a-TV-show moments we've seen in the past two weeks have been set in 2001, where cushy hindsight lets him take all the shots he wants without going out on a limb. Anyhoo, Danny's all "I'll never let go," and Matt's like, "Stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you!" And hopefully, Harriet's off rolling her eyes somewhere. And she damn well should start rolling her eyes when Danny hangs up and tells her that she can look around all she wants, but she'll never find a guy better than Matt. She should at least tell Danny to go stalk and propose to him if he likes him so much. But no, she just smiles, because Matt really is the best, and she's always known it.

Matt ducks his head back in the writers' room to tell Cal and Andy to continue the post-mortem without him, which is when Simon shows up. Cal's wrapping up the technical issues on the Tony Snow cold open, but when he wants to move on to the second sketch, Simon wants to harp some more. He has a problem with the sketch -- that Tony Snow is doing what a press secretary is supposed to do and paint a rosy picture. Simon says they should have been targeting the people who bought that rosy picture. Andy makes the salient point that nobody's really buying it anymore, and Simon thinks the comedy is in the people who have since jumped off the bandwagon. "The 'Pimp My Trike' guy is right!" no one yells. Unfortunately. Dylan, out of nowhere, asks Cal what Matt meant several scenes ago when he insisted he "walked into it" in 2001. Did somebody say 2001?

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