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At The Risk Of Being Unpopular...

WHOOSH! Harriet and Luke are making out like assholes at the table read, and Matt won't stop staring at them. They're reading a sketch about Holly Hunter reprising scenes from The Silence of the Lambs, for some odd reason. Another excuse for Sarah Paulson to haul out the spot-on Holly Hunter impression that still needs a better context for it to actually be funny. Luke starts cutely interrupting her and helping her along, and Matt's about to jump off a bridge, so Danny gets annoyed on his behalf and moves on to the next sketch. Another Holly Hunter audition. Number of feature films Holly Hunter made in 2001, by the way? Zero. Topical! Suddenly, a mustachioed man approaches Danny with a note. Hey! It's Jerry from Standards & Practices! We haven't seen that tight-ass since the pilot. He starts whispering something to Danny that we can't hear, which gets Matt to pissily ask if he can help. Danny calls for a break.

Danny and Matt follow Jerry out into the hallway, where he tells them that the Karl Rove sketch is giving him problems. He calls it "inflammatory" and says he knows Jack already met with them and told them nothing "anti-American." Danny and Matt rightly flip out and start talking over each other. Matt is particularly aghast that Jerry would throw that term around so casually. Jerry says the sketch mocks patriotism, and Matt once again disagrees. He says it's mocking the idea that "patriotism is good for business, which is exactly what's going on here!" Jerry couldn't care less and says they won't be airing the sketch. Danny doesn't even see this as a Standards issue, since there are no naughty words or naked breasts or anything. "This is content," Danny says. Jerry tells him to call it what he wants. Danny says Jerry's taking advantage of the fact that they're not Wes and states his intention to make like Wes and air the sketch, Standards be damned. Jerry gets very serious as he tells them, for their careers' sake, not to make any dumb decisions right now. Jerry leaves and Matt looks thoughtful.

Back in the present, Matt's still looking thoughtful, and he reaches into his jacket pocket for what are no doubt pills, before Mary Tate sidles up to him and he puts them away. She says she's got people in London, Islamabad, and Kabul talking, trying to find out what they can. Matt expresses his reservations about the whole K&R thing, but Mary's take on it is, why not at least see what kind of information these guys can dig up first, then go from there? Matt's convinced, though not exactly enthusiastic about it. Mary then asks about Jordan, and Matt explains about the post-op complications. Mary the Leggy Blonde Genius knows all about intravascular coagulation, of course. Next week, when the cast is called upon to write a global warming sketch, Mary will no doubt prove to be an expert on the science of climate change. It'll just be her and Al Gore, standing in front of a white board. Matt also relays the news (this time without Cal having to prod) about Danny and Jordan's engagement, and he says offhandedly that they're going to let Danny see the baby soon. Mary raises an eyebrow, and she's not even sure it's her place to advise on this, but she does anyway. She says Matt should tell Danny not to see the baby yet. Not to bond with her. Matt's a little dense and doesn't see why, and Mary certainly doesn't want to be the one to say it out loud, but if Jordan doesn't make it, Danny's engagement ring holds no legal standing. He'll have no legal claim on Jordan's child whatsoever. No matter how many letters of recommendation he gets from Brian Grazer. Probably.

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