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At The Risk Of Being Unpopular...

But here's Danny anyway, in the NICU. And is Mary ever too late with her legal advice. "It's okay now," he whispers to the sleeping newborn. "I've got your back." And maybe I'm the one being a little dense right now, but I'm really thinking they might end up killing Jordan off. Why have Mary bring that up if it's never going to get paid off? Aaron Sorkin isn't David Chase, after all.

Matt's office. Tom is trying to find out whether his brother ever received any training as to how to endure a situation like the one he's in. Boyle says yes, Mark has been trained on guidelines for combat during P.O.W. situations, as outlined by the Geneva Conventions. Simon exposits/lectures that Mark isn't a P.O.W. because (as Boyle chimes in) he's been nabbed by a militia. Then Tom gets all Cranky Grandpa about how no one takes the Geneva Conventions seriously anymore. Before Tom can continue on about how The Hague is wearing its skirts too short these days, Simon spots a familiar face on the TV. Tom identifies the guy as "Russell," not a friend, exactly, but someone who worked here with Tom for a couple of months. And despite that rather small window, Russell sure seems to be speaking with some authority on Tom. The interviewer confirms that Russell was a talent coordinator for the show and was, essentially, Tom's boss. This is clearly bullshit, but Russell's enjoying his fifteen minutes like a slimeball. He then starts pontificating about how Tom and his brother have been estranged, and that the rift was likely because everybody at the show was pretty much against the war. Boyle turns off the TV and instructs Tom to pay it no mind. Tom rails to Simon that he wants that corrected -- he was not estranged from his brother. Simon eventually hears what Tom is saying: there is nothing he can make right about this whole effed-up situation, but he can set the record straight on this. Tom starts to leave, but Boyle won't let him go. Before Tom has to face the choice of whether or not to try and push past the giant, brawny soldier, Simon volunteers to speak to someone. One of his contacts from "the Post." "Tell him to fix it," Tom says.

Simon trots into the lobby and asks George if he can have one of his guys find his reporter friend, this "Leon Cushman," and to bring him around to the side door by the loading dock. George is on the case! Next, Simon scrambles to find Jeannie, because Ayda Field only had that one line about the pajama people, and she didn't decline to be a talking head on E!'s "Top 20 Celebrity Crotch Shots" for one measly line. Simon wants her to be there with him when he talks to Leon, because Leon has a crush on her and he'll do whatever Simon asks if Jeannie's there. Like Jeannie's pussy is a hypnotist's gold watch or something. Jeannie asks if it's smart to be talking to the press. Simon asks what she's worried about, and she says she's worried about six years ago.

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