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Previously on Studio 60: Jordan's blood wouldn't clot, Mary told Matt about a security firm that could get Tom's brother back, and Simon went off on the press for turning a hostage crisis into entertainment. Also, despite the fact that this is now our fourth episode covering the same night's events, we are not told by a velvety voice-over that the following takes place between 2:45 and 3:45 AM.

In a sequence reminiscent of the pilot, Jack Rudolph is working his way through the bowels of the Studio, flanked by security officers and selected flunkies, finally arriving at the office of the executive producer. Only this time, he's not going to fire Wes Mendel. Simon's already inside Danny's office, looking contemplative but not all that concerned, considering the circumstances. He notes the guards standing outside, and Jack says they're for Simon's protection more than anything. Like the citizens of West Hollywood are going to storm the Studio like it's the Bastille because of what Simon said. Jack repeats one line from Simon's rant that we didn't hear last week: "No wonder those guys want to kill us. I live here and I want to kill us." Simon shrugs and says he honestly can't remember what he said. Jack says he can refresh his memory by turning on a television, because it's all over the news, and unless they can "do something now," it'll be on television a whole lot more. Um...really? A public apology is going to keep a controversial and public celebrity meltdown off the air? It should be noted that while Simon is currently giving the dictionary definition of "placid," Jack's remained remarkably calm as well.

Simon asks what Jack expects him to do, and Jack, sweet as you please, says he thinks Simon should kill himself. Only if he takes about half the cast and crew of the show with him, Jack. Simon offers an explanation by way of the unsubstantiated rumors about Tom being estranged from his brother and how Simon had to help set the record straight. Jack's only halfway listening, though, as he's currently rifling through Danny's cabinets for anything remotely resembling scotch. I have to say, one of the many, many benefits of Studio 60 getting cancelled is that Jack's latent alcoholism has become an amusing character quirk rather than a series of ominous portents of a looming storyline, like every time you ever saw Kirsten Cohen pick up a glass of chardonnay. "Danny's an alcoholic," Simon reminds Jack. That's right, but I'm certain Danny never got behind the wheel during one of his benders, right, Danny?

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