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Who's Sorry Now?

WHOOSH! In 2007, Jack is decidedly less self-satisfied. He's clearly racked with guilt over how that situation ended up, and clearly, if he's still regretful of any action that ultimately rid his life of Matt and Danny, you know his conscience must be working overtime. "No," he tells Simon, in reference to his question. "That's not how it happened." Matt opens the door and makes the super-secret nonverbal signal that means "Time to ransom some soldiers!" Simon's not hip to Matt and Jack's secret twin language, so he's left to stew in his own self-righteousness for a bit.

Matt and Jack find Tom in the control room. They're joined by Mary, who has taken Matt up on his offer of Studio 60-brand sweats. Jack doesn't recognize her at first, and she says she was looking a lot better when the day began. Of course, so were Matt, Jack, and Tom, but Mary the cute, blonde, smart, connected lady lawyer is the only one for whom that matters. Sigh. I sometimes wish C.J. Cregg would break free from her fictional universe, hunt down Aaron Sorkin, and beat him senseless with a shoe. Anyway, finish line in sight, moving on... Tom relays the info about Airman Valdez being maybe-pretend executed, and he asks how this process with Trask would begin. Mary says Tom would call Gage Whitney's London office, who would put him through to Trask, and he'd go through a proof of identity process. Tom asks about the price, but Matt and Jack are adamant that they will pay it. Tom makes doubly sure that he's not committing to anything yet, Mary confirms it, and Tom heads off to talk to his parents. Jack heads off to find a bank where he can make some funds available.

Matt's left with Mary, who asks about Danny. Matt starts to explain about Jordan and the antibiotics, but Mary means has he talked to Danny about the baby, and Matt knows it. He hasn't brought it up to Danny, mostly because he doesn't know how he possibly could. Mary says Danny can go into Jordan's room with legal papers and have her make him the baby's legal guardian. Matt says it's "ghoulish" to even broach the subject, not to mention insensitive, since Jordan's his friend too. Mary -- who is farther removed and can afford to be unemotional about this -- says Danny could lose his fiancée and his baby all in the same night, but that's preventable. Matt yells that Jordan isn't going to die. Mary yells that Jordan is in the ICU. I yell for everyone to shut up, because: Jordan's going to sign a legal document while doped up and dying and it's going to hold up in court? Is that what you're saying, Mary the genius lawyer? ["Well, not to mention the fact that there still exists a biological father, and it's not like Jordan can unilaterally decide to give the baby to someone else in her will like a set of dishes." -- Miss Alli] Matt relents and asks if Mary can draft the papers.

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