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Matt sees this as a cue for hanky panky, so he shuts all the doors and moves in to start making out with her. Harriet -- who is now dating Luke -- simply smiles and pushes him away, and she eventually gets his mind off her breasts long enough to land a rhetorical body blow: "People want and deserve to feel patriotic right now," she says, and Matt shouldn't be making fun of them for it. Matt once again says he's not making fun of patriotism, he's making fun of "car decals passing for patriotism." Okay, dude, but what are the odds the yellow ribbon sticker people are going to be able to split that hair? Make fun of that brand of patriotism all you want, but don't delude yourself into thinking people won't feel they're being made fun of. Talk to somebody who can't wait for the new Rambo movie because they can't wait for a return to the good old days where men were men and blah, blah, blah. The fact that Rove thinks making patriotic movies would help win the war is only half the joke. The other half is the people who think buying a ticket to one of those movies will help win the war too.

Anyway, Harriet's way more plugged in to the Rambo half of America, so she speaks with some authority that the sketch is a "ticking time bomb" and by Monday, it's going to go off. She half-begs, half-threatens Matt to pull it before he wrecks his entire career. Matt needs the last word, though, so he tells her about the day that Bush spoke to the workers at Ground Zero. He says he was watching that day at the Writers Guild, and everyone was talking about how inspirational it was. Matt didn't think it as quite that impressive, but he didn't say anything, because he was scared to speak up, and he's been scared for weeks now. But no longer. He tells Harriet to go to dinner, but Harriet says she wants to speak to Danny.

With that, we WHOOSH back to the hospital in 2007, where Harriet is, in fact, talking to Danny. Danny's not listening, though, and not for the usual reasons one wouldn't listen to Harriet. He sees Doc across the hallway, covered in a bloody smock. It's a fakeout, though, as Doc says that was from a motorcycle accident. They've actually stopped Jordan's hemorrhaging with the drugs. Danny and Harriet breathe sighs of relief, but Doc tells them to wait, because there have been more complications, and now he just acting like that doctor on Arrested Development who's always being misleading. Jordan's developed a bacterial infection; they're going to treat it with antibiotics, but there's a 25% chance that she could go into organ failure and die. Danny wants to see her, but seeing as she has an infection, that's a really bad idea. "How is it that you come into a hospital and get sicker?" asks Danny, nonsensically. Doc tells Danny to go with the baby and leaves. Harriet says she's giving Danny two choices: she can either do more Holly Hunter, or she can teach Danny to pray. Danny could have won me back almost completely if he told her to fuck off right then and there. As if her Christianity hadn't already been painted in enough of a patronizing and obnoxious light with the kneel-down thing two weeks ago, now she's going to "teach" Danny how to properly ask God not to kill his fiancée. Danny's too tired to do anything else, so he says, "Teach me." "God always wins," Harriet smirks, and as much as I hate her right now, she has a point. I already know how to pray, so when I asked God to cancel this stupid show back in November, he totally listened to me! Thanks, God!

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