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Matt's office, 2007. Boyle is still talking about Frank goddamn Sinatra, while Tom is pretty clearly thinking about getting himself abducted by terrorists at this point, when he gets a phone call. Boyle says a lot of ominously vague things, switches the conversation over to a secure phone, then says a lot more ominously vague things. Tom demands to know what's going on. Boyle tells Tom that Al Jazeera is going to report that the hostage takers have executed Airman Valdez -- they'll even show footage of a dead body -- but it'll be a lie. Tom barely makes it past "executed" before he starts freaking out. He asks Boyle how he knows they're lying, and before he even gets an answer, he says he's giving them the money. "This is what terrorism is," Boyle calls after Tom. "This is what they want." Tom says it works, and he storms off into the commercial break to find Mary.

Hospital chapel. Harriet's beginning her hour-long seminar, "Praying To Irritate Your Boyfriend: A Beginner's Guide." She tells Danny to get down on his knees. "Why?" asks Danny. "Because it's showier and it means your faith is stronger than those who choose to pray seated and silent," she doesn't say. No, Harriet really says that the kneeling is for "respect." Danny rambles on about why God would need "ten minutes of sucking up" before he got off his celestial ass and helped out the good many people in Danny's life who currently need helping out, most specifically Mark Jeter and Jordan. Harriet says the kneeling to show respect is for Danny's benefit, and she gives some bullshit reason about how Danny makes sixty times what the average American makes, and the only thing that isn't "handed to him on a silver platter" is humility. So, wait, poor people are free to pray on their feet? Or maybe middle-income folks need only genuflect? Danny still doesn't see why he has to "audition" -- why doesn't God just "fix it"? Harriet admits that she doesn't know. She doesn't offer the explanation that you don't pray for God to bring you what you ordered like it's a Denny's. That's what we have The Secret for. God's going to do what God's going to do; what he was always going to do. You pray that you'll be able to handle it when it goes down. Doesn't mean you still don't pray the other way. Doesn't mean that I don't pray for God to sway things my way, and often. But ultimately, what I end up praying for is that I'll be able to stand up under my own power when whatever he does have planned comes to fruition. Harriet doesn't say any of that. Danny also takes issue with the silver-platter thing. He said he worked hard to get where he's at; he took action. Harriet kindly says that unless Danny's a hematologist or a surgeon, he's not going to be able to take much action on Jordan's behalf tonight. Danny says it feels "wrong" to be in the chapel, and he walks out. Harriet raises her eyes heavenward: "This isn't the time, but he made some reasonably good points." ["Just like Kristen Chenoweth said, every time Aaron Sorkin left the room." -- Miss Alli]

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