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Jack is still chatting with Zhang about the Macau deal, and Zhang isn't happy about the idea of reneging on something he's agreed to do. Jack insists it's more honorable to renege in this instance. Just then, his daughter Kim comes running out. A fight ensues about how she wants to quit the viola and he doesn't want her to. She wants to go into improvisational comedy, it turns out. My favorite part is where she stops in the middle of the fight and tells Jack to tell her father she's twenty years old, and in America, that means she can decide for herself. Jack reaches, incredibly slowly, for his phrasebook, all, "Okay." It's really funny, partly because the girl has completely forgotten who speaks what language because she's fighting with her father. At any rate, what comes of this fight in the end is that Jack tells Kim she can attend Harriet's dinner on Thursday night (no!) with Tom Jeter, and he tells her father that the experience will get improvisational comedy out of her head. She's standing right there listening, so you'd think she'd protest, but she doesn't. This is ultimately the deal that Jack and Zhang cut. Kim goes out with Tom and gives up comedy; Jack gets the Macau deal undone. It really, really, really does not make sense to me, because I don't see why Jack thinks he can get Kim uninterested in comedy, especially when she knows that's the agenda. That whole thing is completely strange to me.

Back at the office, Matt tells Suzanne he's headed home to do some work, and she says Harriet's on her way. Matt tells Suzanne to keep Harriet waiting for a while, but as he's doing that, Harriet is walking in behind him, so that's not going to work too well. Unsurprisingly, Matt launches directly into a speech about how unlikely abstinence programs are to work on teenagers, given the statistics about their sexual activity and how abstinence programs keep kids from finding out about birth control and STDs. At the end of this rant, Harriet pleasantly says, "I'm sorry; I nodded off while you were talking." I thought that was awesome, I have to admit. She asks if he's coming to the dinner on Thursday, and he plays dumb. She invites him to come, but he says he has to work. She tells him she saw the first draft of Dolphin Girl, and she thinks it will be great. "I'm really quite something," he says. She agrees, and turns to leave. He stops her and has something to say. Next year, if she goes to a New Year's Eve party with Luke, he'd like her to go to one where everyone he knows won't be there. I'm kind of wondering what his basis for making this request would be, since they know a lot of the same people. She points out that he grabbed her during the show and kissed her, and ever since then, nothing. "Guess what, Cubby?" she says (hee), "Pick a gear and stay in it a while." There is a little more content-free banter, and then she leaves. He calls in Suzanne, who says the bid is at $4000. "Is this dinner with Harriet and Ava Gardner?" he asks. Sorkin loves him some Ava Gardner jokes, that's for sure. Suzanne just says, "Four thousand and one?" and he's like, "Yeah," and she says "Four thousand and two to the sex people," and he agrees, and I still love you, Chandler. He also tells her to call his parents about reinstating his allowance. Heh.

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