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It's just a terrible misstep, the way that scene was written and directed and acted. It's very obvious that at some point later in the process, Jordan is going to fall into Danny's arms, and whether they want to admit it or not, that's going to ultimately suggest that Danny's refusal to accept "no" from her is the result of overwhelming love for her. It is a myth -- a total myth -- that the more you love people, the more you will not listen when they decide to walk away from you. There are people who believe that love is a sliding scale with "obsessive stalking" at one end, like that's the result of too much love. Like refusing to respect a person's decision not to see you is an overdose of love. That's the theory on which plots like this operate. And what's disturbing is that because this is ultimately leading to a romance, there are only two ways for it to go. Either he forces it and forces it until she relents, which embraces one set of creepy ideas about love, or he relents and she then realizes she wanted him all along, which embraces other creepy ideas about love -- namely, that the reason to leave a woman alone when she says no is that if you do, then later, she'll say yes, rather than that she has the right to decide whether she wants to go out with you or not.

Seriously, never let anybody convince you that their love for you drives them to continue a romantic pursuit you've asked them to stop. It's gross. It's not true. People who don't know the difference between the volume at which they express their feelings to you and the genuineness of those feelings ("How can you doubt my love for you when I AM YELLING?") are very, very dangerous to your well-being, and when asking somebody to leave you alone just makes him shout at you louder, that's not love. What Danny is doing here is more like bullying than anything else. He wants what he wants, and he doesn't really care what she says she wants. Knowing he's hurting her doesn't make him want to stop what he's doing, and that's not love either. I just don't even know what to say about the wrongness of this whole plot, and it's especially sad that it's tacked onto the end of an episode that has, in some ways, some moments of promise. Danny and Jordan were both, in this episode, so unlikable and unpleasant that I really don't give a rip what happens to either one of them. Without them, and without the straw Chenoweth stuff, and without political setups quite so garishly one-sided, I'd enjoy some of the rest of the show, but this? No.

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