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We return to find Jack and Wilson alone in the deserted boardroom while everyone else takes a break. Jack apologizes for calling Ted a "moron." "I appreciate your jumping in and calling him a moron, too," he offers. Wilson says that he just didn't want to leave Jack hanging. They agree Jack should not do this again. Jack rubs his hands together, and Wilson points out the presence of the Arts and Leisure section in the boardroom, which is kind of unusual. "What are you thinking?" Jack asks. "It's unusual to see the Arts and Leisure section in the boardroom," Wilson says thoughtfully. Jack, confused, agrees. He asks what they should do. He wants to know the plan, and Wilson says that he has none. No plan. Jack kind of can't believe it, since Wilson told him back at Studio 60 that they'd fight and win. Wilson says he doesn't know anything, then relents, then says he seriously has no plan. (I suggest, "First we show up. Then we see what happens.") Wilson is sure that the vote of non-confidence was about Macau, and that he's "hoist by [his] own petard," because he cut too good a deal that will make everyone too much money, so they're overly attached to it and afraid to endanger it. Jack mutters that Zheng can "rescue" them by saying he'll renege on the deal if the board pays the FCC fine. Wilson isn't sure why Zhang would do that, and Jack admits he'd "have to be convincing." Heh. Wilson wants to know if he wants to fly to China. Jack says that they don't have to -- Zhang is in L.A., where his daughter is playing with the Juilliard Symphony, which happens to be mentioned in (wait for it) the Arts and Leisure section. Heh. Nice. As the rest of the board returns, Jack tells Wilson to adjourn the meeting and reconvene Friday in L.A., where Jack is headed right this minute. On his way out, he claps Ted on the shoulder and says, "What do you say, buddy?" Double-heh. I'm not ashamed to say I've thought Steven Weber was funny ever since Wings, and I love it when people live up to your expectations of them.

Backstage at Studio 60, Lucy comes up behind Simon and gets his attention. They catch up on their vacations, and she mentions being put on the angry fruit underwear sketch. Simon looks confused and wants to know what happened to Darius working on it. "He gave it to me," she says. Simon is unhappy, but he says, "All right, then, have a seat."

Elsewhere, Tom is trying to badger Harriet into doing a voice for Matt as they walk into Matt's office. She keeps insisting that she doesn't want to, because it's nothing good, but Tom is all over her. "Do it," he insists. Then he turns to Matt and solemnly says, "Dolphin Girl." Harriet finally relents and gives a chirping little stutter that's really pretty funny, and Matthew Perry does an absolutely fucking genius job with the reaction shot. You see him almost bust out laughing, and then decide not to bust out laughing, and then compose himself. It's not easy to do that quite that well, but I watched it twice, because it's really funny. He finally says, "Oh, my God." Tom runs a little bit of dialogue about a guy trying to get his roommate to like his new girlfriend. Who, of course, turns out to be Dolphin Girl. Harriet does the laugh again, and Matt has to stop himself from laughing again. "Put it up," he says approvingly.

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