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Raise Your Hand If You're Illiterate

When we come back, Jordan and Harriet are having lunch together. Jordan has just recited the "there's another pretty girl" line, and Harriet is disbelieving. "It was one of those moments when you don't have time to react." Harriet says it's like something from All About Eve, and Jordan agrees. "It was unprovoked?" Harriet asks. "Yes!" Jordan insists, and then mutters, "Yes, except...." Harriet wants to know more. "I may have implied -- I mean, she took it the wrong way -- I may have implied that I don't have any respect for her job." "How?" Harriet wonders. "I called her the vice president for illiterate programming." "You think she may have taken it the wrong way?" Harriet wonders dryly. Jordan also fesses up to the part where she said she only expected to hear bad pitches. "Why would you do that?" Harriet asks, and Jordan says that she's a bitch. Harriet disagrees, and Jordan says, "Oh, I'm a beeee-yotch, baby." The thing is, it's like the scene is supposed to suggest that Jordan was being a bitch -- in other words, an unlikable person at a personal level. Which she was, of course, but it's really more significant that she was being a very bad manager and very unprofessional. Jordan admits to Harriet that Hallie's idea could kind of save her ass from the vampire problem. "I have to apologize," Jordan finally says. "I'm her boss, this is ridiculous." She gets up and leaves, taking her food with her, because of how she eats all the time, in case you forgot.

Elsewhere, Danny is throwing a meeting at which he's reading a memo announcing that they're going to use liter bottles of soda instead of cans to save money, but he refuses to finish the point, because it's too stupid. Thinking other people's nickels and dimes are not your problem is totally he outlook of a great manager. As Danny breaks up the meeting, he runs into Matt, who wants Danny to write a letter of recommendation to Northwestern for his nephew. Danny asks if the kid is qualified, and Matt runs through his qualifications. The two decide that the kid is way more qualified for Northwestern than Danny was, and Matt is all, "I think you need a letter of recommendation." Danny agrees to write the letter -- well, he promises to have an intern write it -- and then he's all, "WAIT!" Matthew Perry, still really cooking with gas during this episode in spite of the bullshit all around him, tosses off a great little reaction shot. Danny hollers that he exactly needs a letter of recommendation -- he needs people to tell Jordan to go out with him. "I should inundate her with letters of recommendation!" From people like Spielberg and Clint Eastwood. Oh, and his doctor and dentist. And his mother. Nothing would make me hotter for a guy than a fax from his mother telling me to go out with him, I'll tell you that right now. Matt looks at Danny like he's a crazy asshole, and Danny gets on the phone and orders "interns," scoffing at the idea that he should know what their names are. "This is good," Danny insists. "I like it for its maturity," Matt says, barely moving his lips, and again, the delivery of the line makes it pretty damn good. Danny makes a crack calling Matt "leather boot boy," and Matt immediately goes on the defensive about how he gave the boot back. And then he freakishly runs out of the room to find out where the bid on Harriet is.

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