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Nevada Day, Part I

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Previously, Jordan got Ed Asner to back her decision and not Jack's re: Nations. Matt and Simon kidnapped a middling stand-up comedian from the 'hood. Harriet didn't think her status as a Christian in Hollywood was all that big a deal. And Ed Asner was looking to turn Macao, China into the Las Vegas of Asia.

Twangy guitars and a dusty parking lot clue us in to the fact that we're not in Hollywood anymore. A pair of cop cars in said parking lot clue us in to the fact that we're at a police station. And a helpful caption clues us in to the fact that it's Friday at 2:45 PM. Hey! It's almost Mancala Hour! Inside, Tom Jeter sits handcuffed and wearing what appears to be a burlap sack. He's also scratching his head, which makes me imagine that he's got head lice, his one sister has no shoes on, and his other sister is at home with an "I'm a stupid baby" sign taped to her back. ["You don't need to imagine where his brother is, of course: STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF AFGHANISTAN!!!!1!" -- Wing Chun] Twang, twang, twang. This police station looks like it's the place to be, because Danny's also there, as are Jack, and Simon. And a bald guy we haven't seen before but who I instinctively know is their lawyer because he was a lawyer on The Wire as well. ["And on The King Of Queens, if I'm picturing the same guy." -- Wing Chun] And an older Chinese gentleman, whose daughter is also there, translating for him. Tom's the only one in handcuffs, however. The daughter asks, on behalf of her dad, where they are, exactly, and Jack explains that they're in "Pahrump, Nevada," sixty miles west of Las Vegas. Doing the geography in his head, Chinese Dad wonders if this means Ed Asner, after turning Macao into the Las Vegas of Asia, plans to turn Hong Kong into the Pahrump of Asia, because if that's the case, they're going to have a problem. Okay, he doesn't actually say that, but it's all over his face. What he says is an acknowledgment that he knows what Las Vegas is: "Legal brothels?" Danny's all, "Don't look at me," and the youthful cop with the patently fake mustache (it's all the rage, I guess) pontificates about the brothel's role in Olde Tyme Pahrump infrastructure. The guitar twangs at this, because small-town folks shouldn't say "infrastructure."

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