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Nevada Day, Part I

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Tom stands up and thanks the Hollywood delegation for coming down and all, but what did they all think they were going to be able to do once they got there? Well, one of them's your lawyer, one of them figured he could shove his influence and credit card around in your favor, one felt like falling on the grenade that is a half-smoked joint, and Danny...needed a vacation from Matt, I don't know. It's at this point that Kim jumps forward like a spring-loaded novelty snake made of teenage girl. She barely squeals out a "Tom!" before her father grabs her and starts arguing with her in Mandarin. Dad (I'm guessing): "I didn't send you to Juilliard so that you could throw yourself at criminals dressed in burlap!" Kim (probably): "But Daddy, you don't know him like I do! Sometimes he dresses up like a lobster!" Tom listens to the Mandarin exchange and looks concerned: "You sent assassins?" Danny introduces Zhang and Kim to Tom and asks him to "roll with it." He says that Kim and her father came out of their way just so that she could meet Tom, as Ed Asner promised she could, hint, hint, big corporate deal hangs on your ability to smile and sign your name. Tom smiles a little sheepishly and signs an autograph for a smitten Kim. Simon -- not having been heard enough on this issue, apparently -- screams, "It's my joint!" Jack, and the entire viewing audience: "SHUT UP!"

Back in Matt's office, the remaining cast members work on the show in silence, except for Harriet, who's chewing her nails. A killer "News 60" joke isn't lying in your cuticles, hon. Matt enters the room and sums up where we're at right now and how we got here. "It all started like this: Harriet was born and became a homophobe. So Tom had to fend off some gay street toughs, one of whom is pressing charges. From there, they found an outstanding warrant for failure to appear for a speeding ticket in a place called Pahrump, Nevada. Tom had borrowed Simon's jacket, and the rest you know." He says he hopes they'll all be back for dress rehearsal, but if not, "we're gonna put on a new show."

And they'll put on that new week!

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