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It Was A Bad Show

Cal, meanwhile, wedges his way into the remarkably crowded hair and makeup room, where everyone who has anything to do with the show at all has gathered. I do appreciate how, after "The Friday Night Slaughter," the show has done a better job of making this look like an actual chaotic TV show rather than just six people talking in empty hallways. Harriet, in her Nancy Grace wig, asks what's going on, and Cal explains that he's gathered everyone here because the propmasters' union has gone on strike. Tonight. Everyone starts babbling at once, and Cal says he can't answer their questions if they're all talking at once. "WHY??" they yell, in unison. They mean "why" did the propmasters go on strike. Would you believe it was because, during negotiations, Danny made an incredibly insulting remark about how any idiot could do their jobs? I know it's hard to believe that Danny could act like such a prick in a professional capacity, but that's what Cal is telling us. Everyone groans and roll their eyes at what a jerk their boss can be, and Cal's all, "Regardless, we need to deal with this." He tells everyone to take their usual positions and for the cast to follow him. They pedeconference to the prop table, upon which all of the evenings props have been neatly laid out, in the order in which they'll be needed. Tom doesn't sound too jazzed at "crossing any picket lines" by propping themselves. I'm pretty sure that dealing with the props yourself, in your non-propmaster capacity as an actor, wouldn't be considered crossing a picket line. Any more than driving to work during a public transportation strike would be. But whatever, Cal assures them they won't be doing anything above and beyond what they normally do. The prop guys (and gals) already laid out the props before they left, so it'll just be a matter of picking things up off the table when they're needed. What table? This table -- the one Cal just slapped his hand down on and sent crashing to the floor, props scattering everywhere. Man, it's bad enough they repeated the "Cal hilariously breaks a table by accident" gag, but to do it after they featured that very scene in the previouslies? Somebody doesn't have a whole lot of respect for their audience. Not saying who!

Cal's demeanor remains resolutely fixed on "No problem!" He says if any props got damaged, the cast can find suitable replacements in the prop room. Only nobody knows exactly where the prop room is. Har. "What about the cards?" asks Harriet. Cal has no idea what the crazy lady dressed up like the other crazy lady is talking about. "The cue cards?" Harriet says. "The cue card guys belong to the propmasters union." It's good to know that all those Civics classes Harriet's been taking in order to better smack Matt down in their daily point-counterpoints are paying off. Cal had no idea about the cue card thing, but he figures Danny was only being insulting to the prop guys; the cue card guys probably aren't going on strike, too. Maybe Cal should take a Civics class, then, because on cue (ha!) a cue card guy comes behind Cal, wishes everyone a good show, then tosses a heap of torn-up cue cards into the air, cheerfully telling the cast and Cal to shove them up their asses. I'm not sure Lech Walesa would have approved of that. Or, wait, maybe he would have. Cal certainly doesn't, and his chagrined face takes us right into the credits.

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