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It Was A Bad Show

Cal tries to put on a happy face, but once the cameras are off, Allison starts threatening to come up and kill him herself. Meanwhile, he has to explain the whole propmasters' strike to Jack, since the entire chain of command that should lie between them is, as I mentioned, not in this episode at all. Danny's in the parking lot, Matt's "helping the cast write their lines on the palms of their hands," and Jordan isn't even mentioned. Jack, as you might expect, isn't exactly opposed to Danny's "propmasters are easily replaced" line of thinking, because he hates the little people so much. More importantly, the guy in the suit with Jack is the head of security, and he tells Cal that they've had a bomb threat, this one credible enough to warrant telling him about it in the middle of the show. "Gino" tells Cal that the threat referenced a sketch that was in dress rehearsal, one titled "Mohammad: The Thin-Skinned Prophet." Man, I bet that bomb-threat guy totally doesn't see the irony in flying off the handle about a sketch with that title.

Jack suggests they scrap the rest of the live show and air the dress rehearsal, which would probably be a good idea now that the propmasters have decided to go all Home Alone on the show. But that's not a possibility, because, as Cal says, when they recorded the dress in "RGB," they were missing the "B." So, as Jack incredulously clarifies, they filmed the entire dress without the color blue. That would probably throw a wrench in their plans for their sketch skewering the religious beliefs of the Smurfs, so yeah, they have to go live. Jack, ever the cold-hearted businessman, tells Cal that if a bomb goes off after they got a warning, their insurance premiums are going to skyrocket. "Yeah," says Cal, "plus all those people would get hurt." ...Huh. I guess I never thought of it that way. People matter more than money. Jack Rudolph, I reject your materialistic ways and am now adopting Cal's newfound "people matter" worldview. Can you imagine if NBC had declined to burn off these last few episodes? I'd still be living with my values all backwards. Thanks, show!

Back to the show, as Allison and Tom are performing a sketch about an uncooperative valet attendant (and: tell me about it, between those guys and the guy who cleans my pool, I am just about at the end of my rope), and of course it hinges upon Allison pulling a dollar bill out of her wallet (is that a...velcro wallet? Well played, propmaster union thugs!), and the dollar isn't there. Harriet and Jeannie are finding this hard to watch, so instead they're going to talk about boys! Jeanne asks if Harriet dumped Luke, but Harriet says it was Luke who dumped her. And why? "The usual reasons." Jeanne catches on that this means Matt. Ayda Field looks weirdly Fergie-esque this week. Plumped in the face, I mean, like she may have been recently stung by something. Anyway, Jeannie's like, "So the Matt thing? Still?" Harriet says she's well and done, and Jeannie can date Matt if she likes. Jeannie is so not going for that, despite Harriet's many assurances that she can. Jeannie, still not falling for it, says "Thanks" and heads upstairs. Harriet hurries after her and says, "Don't...don't go out with Matt?" Oh, women. They don't know what they want. Jeannie tells Harriet she really needs to pull it together. Harriet: "I know."

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