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The Harriet Dinner, Part I

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Up On The Roof

Up on the roof, neither Danny nor Jordan can get a signal on their phones. On the roof in the open air. ["IN HOLLYWOOD." -- Wing Chun] My cell phone's temperamental as hell, so I can't exactly refute this, but it still seems awfully convenient. "You know what?" Danny begins. "Maybe the wireless companies should take a quick break from putting movies on my phone and spend a little time seeing to it I can make phone calls with my phone." Jordan stops him dead with a look that says, "Unless you're getting better cell reception from up on that soapbox of yours, can you cut the shit?" Danny shuts up. Yay!

Back at the dinner, Skater Punk is dealing with his own groupies, while Harriet has to deal with but one. She confirms with Matt that he thought "lukes5858" was Luke Scott. Matt explains about the NYU student film, and Harriet comes to the conclusion that Matt's become obsessed with Luke. Not "become," says Matt: "I was obsessed with him the last time you broke up with me to go out with him." Wait, I thought they broke up because of The 700 Club. Not that I'm putting it past Matt's brain to twist the timeline to fit his obsessions right now. Harriet wants to back this up to Matt's usage of "the last time." Like this would be the second time she broke up with Matt. Like they're dating now. She realizes that Luke was right, and tells Matt what Luke said about their non-breakup breakup condition. "Sounds like Luke really focuses at rehearsal," sniffs Matt. Ha! Yeah, unlike the tight ship you've got running, Matty. Harriet still thinks it's true, that she and Matt are mired in an unhealthy breakup limbo. "Damn, Harriet," says Matt meekly. "I paid $11,000." Seriously, Harriet, why you gotta be such a bitch with all that independent thought? Harriet's like, "Wait, $11,000?" Matt explains about the matching funds to "Loving More," who are at the forefront of the national polyamorous movement. "Of course," says Harriet. Seriously, though, Matt would very much appreciate it if Harriet would find the fact that he secretly bid on her date auction to be sweet and/or cute. Harriet points out that sweet and cute went out the window when Matt only started bidding so that he could beat out Luke. "Our date's got a point, dude," chimes Skater Punk. Hee. Matt objects to the "our date" and the "dude" in that sentence. Skater Punk gives him the "whatever" eyebrows, because one of them's getting laid tonight, and he's pretty sure it ain't Matt. Meanwhile, a gray-haired Catholic in Media approaches and says that Jordan, who's supposed to present Harry's award, hasn't shown up yet; the Catholic asks Matt if he'll do the honors if need be. Matt would be delighted, though Harriet looked like she was about to suggest something else. Matt resumes eating as Harriet continues to ponder how a jackass learned to eat salad with a fork like that.

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