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The Harriet Dinner, Part II

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Mutual of Omaha's Wildly Pointless Subplot. If there's anything more boring than talking about animals stuck beneath the stage, it's gotta be listening to the contractor guy talk about how he's going to dig up the floor. In detail. Cal makes it clear that he doesn't care if the animals live or die, and at Nona's aghast reaction, he adds that she could also get seriously injured for all he cares. The only reason we're seeing this is that Cal says he's going to have to turn off the circuit breakers for that section of the stage, and those switches are where? Up on the roof. Fucking finally.

Matt's office. Matt is reading a thunderously lame setup to what will no doubt be a cutting-edge and thought-provoking "News 60" joke, and because Harriet has officially broken him, he can't come up with a punch line. Wendy thinks he should lie down, since it's only Thursday. Matt contends that he has to keep working, because it's already Thursday. Wendy wants to go find Danny so she can pass babysitting duties off to him. Matt doesn't want his life partner to have to worry about this, and Wendy says that Danny's the one who gets paid to worry about this. Matt cuts her off before she can express just how much she's not getting paid to deal with this. He says he doesn't want her to tell Danny because he doesn't want Danny to know about "what happened" yet. Not sure if he's embarrassed that he finally fucked things up with Harry or that he can't tell a joke anymore. Or maybe he just really doesn't want to talk to Danny, and who could blame him?

Up on the roof. Jordan's come full circle on this Danny thing, and you can tell because she's the one pestering him to keep talking about it now. She asks if he's never been turned down by a woman before. "Not this many times in one night," he says, because the worm has turned, and he gets to be the blasé one now. Jordan takes a trip to the sovereign nation of New Hypothetical and asks what happens if Danny "lose[s] interest in four months," only then he's too much of a nice guy to back out on the pregnant lady (trying to compare Danny favorably to Billy Crudup will get you nowhere with this recapper, Missy), and suddenly they're married for four years and then divorce, because he never loved her in the first place, and now she's got a four-year-old who's lost his father twice in one lifetime. Danny mocks Jordan's flight of fancy, but she's serious. She can't act like she's only got a year to live anymore -- she's climbing the corporate ladder for two now. Danny asks for her pad and "pen" (it's actually eyeliner) to write a note he can slip under the door. He says that he wouldn't lose interest in four months. He doesn't feel sorry for her and he's not on a "sobriety high" -- he just loves her, that's all. "I've been locked up on a roof for four hours with a deadly viper at large and it's the best night of my life because I'm with you." Aw. Barf. He goes to slip the note under the door, commenting that he's right because he's "a hundred times smarter" than Jordan, and while I start to meditate on what it says about Danny and the guy writing him that he seems so invested in repeatedly pointing out how much smarter he is than the woman who professionally outranks him but that he wants to bag anyway, but I'm interrupted by the supremely satisfying sight of Danny getting cracked on the head by Cal opening the door. Thanks, Cal!

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