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The West Coast Delay

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The West Coast Delay
ns to the nation that they're live right now, and have cut into the tape-delayed feed: "At this moment in Bangalore, the Royal Institute of Technology is playing the Bangalore Union Cricket Club in the LGICC test match. Bangalore is up 240 runs." Go Bangalore! They always were my favorite South Asian cricket team. Simon goes on to say that he performed jokes during the East Coast broadcast that had, as it turns out, been plagiarized. He apologizes to both Lenny Gold and to the viewers of the show, and then they move on to the news. Bravo, Simon! Bravo, BUCC in the LGICC TM! Woo!

Matt's smoking a cigarette in his office when Ricky knocks. He and Ron walk in all downtrodden and sad. Ricky says that the guy hadn't gotten anything on the air in a long time and was scared for his job, but that they talked to him and he knows he screwed up huge. Well, then. All better! Ricky won't end the guy's career over this, though, because he knows how the guy feels: "People aren't even going for funny anymore, Matt. They're just trying for your respect. We told Danny we'd step down if you want, but we're not giving him up." Matt gives the two poor things a long look before saying, "Well. Now you've got my respect." Oh. So really...all better. Huh.

Maisy bursts in and announces, "It's not Lenny Gold." They contacted him and he confessed that he stole the material, too, from a guy named Benjamin Barkley who wrote it nine years ago. Matt picks up the magic phone as Ricky asks Ron if that name sounds familiar to him. Downstairs, Danny picks up the phone just as Harriet and Simon are wrapping up the news. Danny listens, and then shouts at them to hang on. "We're gonna bust in again right after this C-break!" Everyone is confused. Elsewhere, Jordan tells Cal that was great, smooth sailing, very nice. Cal nods at her, and then yells, "We're going again!" Jordan sits down heavily and says that, when the phone rings next, it'll be for her.

Matt's downstairs now, and he and Danny explain to the cast what's happening. Poor Nate Corddry is like, "Somebody will tell us when the show's over, right?" Everybody gets into place. Matt comments to Danny that it looks like there are bench warrants out for half their audience. Cut to the audience, where Blue Man and Random Gangster are sharing a sandwich. Aw.

They cut into the West Coast feed again. Simon: "We're back. And we're back live again on the West Coast. I don't have a cricket update for you so I'll ask you to take my word for it. The reason that we're still live is that we misattributed the plagiarized material we performed earlier to Lenny Gold. It turns out that the actual author..." We cut over to Jordan, who has a phone call. It's Jack. Jordan's all, "Hey, Jack!" Jack screeches through the phone, "What the hell is going on over there?!?" Jordan tells him that it's all under control, plus if he had any money on the Bangalore Union Cricket Club, it's his lucky day. She hangs up the phone before Jack can tell her how much he hates her. He obviously bet on the Royal Institute of Technology. Back on the monitors, Simon finishes up, and they cut to an amusing cartoon. Everyone starts whooping and hollering.

Ricky and Ron find Matt and Danny backstage, all excited. Turns out Benjamin Barkley worked at Studio 60 one year before they did, so they own the copyright to the material. Well, isn't that convenient. (Sorry.) Matt and Danny exchange grins, and then turn slowly around to Simon, who intones, "Noooo." Danny tells him just one more time. Simon sighs, and then asks Matt if there's anything in particular he wants him to say to anyone who might still be left watching. Matt walks behind the desk, scribbles something on Simon's paper -- simultaneously touching Harriet on the shoulder in a very hot way -- and walks off. Simon reads, "This is not the comedy we intended to do when the week began." Cal's voice starts counting down, and we fade out.

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