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It would figure that the weather would keep me from recapping two episodes I mostly liked, and then have me return to...this episode. Anyway, previously on Studio 60: Harriet and Matt almost kissed while watching Sting; Danny helped Jordan to snatch a high-minded drama about the United Nations away from HBO's prestigious clutches; and the show would like us to believe that Jack put his foot down in opposition to said U.N. show rather than in favor of the Temptation Island ripoff like we all know he did. And also, AB Chao and M. Giant were utterly ass-kicking as they filled in for me on very short notice. I may never stop fetching their drinks at the next TWoP Team-Building Retreat and Pig Roast.

We open where we left off last week, with Lauren Graham signing off the live show, thanking Matt and Danny just so we know who the brains behind this operation are. Cal and Lilly banter about some crew member who isn't so good with the English, or maybe just the adverbs. Thankfully, the episode does not break off from here and turn into one big, long preachy monologue about immigration, because that's just not the kind of show this is. It's all a way of transitioning into Cal telling Suzanne to instruct the PAs to put tarps over everything, because the wrap party is being held in the studio tonight, and the last time that happened, they needed two weeks to repair the damage. Out in the hallway, Cal runs into Jordan, who might need a tarp all to herself if she keeps going the way she is right now. She booze-rambles that she just bought her first show (the U.N. one, in case you don't remember three seconds ago) and also how she's hiding from Jack because she passed on Intercourse Hotel or whatever and Ed Asner backed her instead of Jack. She says that, tonight, the studio is, for her, "like Superman's Dome Of Pleasure." Cal: "Fortress Of Solitude?" Cal and Jordan share a rather endearing giggly moment over this right before Jack bursts through the doors at the end of the hallway, highball in hand and ever-present entourage in tow. "Guess who's in the hizzaaaay?!" he bellows drunkenly. Cal: "Suzanne! Tarps over everything!" Hee. Alcohol makes this show so much better.

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