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Standin' In The Middle Of Afghanistan, Wastin' Time...

Finally, Dad has a question: "When did you become an interior decorator?" Which, as my Midwestern Colloquialisms Guidebook tells me, translates to "When did you start taking it up the ass, Hollywood boy?" Tom's exasperated and says that he's just trying to tell them a story, which is what he in fact does. Mom doesn't want a fight, so she asks Tom how he "puts the skits together." Tom takes umbrage at "skits," which are what the football team puts on at the pep rally, as opposed to "sketches," which is what a crack team of skilled professionals spend a week putting together until Matt Albie throws them all out and writes some heavy-handed and unfunny crap in their place. Dad is having none of his son taking pride in his work, but Tom wants them to recognize that they're "standing in the middle of the Paris Opera House of American television." Dad loses it here, shouting that it's all well and good, but, "your little brother is STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF AFGHANISTAN!"


HAHAHAHAhahahaha!!! Oh man, I take it all back. This show is hysterical! I'm gonna be repeating that one all week. "STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF AFGHANISTAN!" Heeee hee. You tell him, Ohio Dad! I does any show hand the TV-watching public that line and these characters and not hang their heads in shame, not to mention a show that purports to be smarter than the average TV crap? Are there Midwesterners who look down upon those in Hollywood as "less than" because they're not fighting in a war? Sure. Are there Ohioans who could give a crap about the history of comedy, even if it's their son's chosen profession? I bet you could find some. Hell, I'm sure if you looked hard enough you could find a husband and wife in Columbus who don't watch TV, don't care about Hollywood, vote Republican, and are pretty culturally illiterate. It's not that people who think this way don't exist. It's that these characters, Tom's parents, aren't people. They're cardboard cut-outs of whatever stands in opposition to the point this show wants to make this week. They are ciphers. They are, to employ an overused term, straw men. And the idea that the best this show can do in terms of nuanced characters voicing an opposing viewpoint is "your little brother is STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF AFGHANISTAN!" is more than a little insulting. But mostly, it's just very, very funny, so I guess I should be grateful. Anyway, everyone looks like they're going to cry before we head to commercial.

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